Tikondane Orphanage

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project involvement since 2000

tikondane kidsThe Malawi Millennium Project's involvement with Tikondane started in 2000. At that time there were 50 orphans - the number has now grown to 450. Since 2000 the Malawi Millennium Project has tried to help the orphanage to help itself. This has included :

  • The provision of a large tent (ex army) which is used as a classroom to teach the children.
  • Supply of metal, wood, sewing machines to provide the children with practical training in some trades.
  • The provision of money for food during the Malawi Famine of 2002/2003.
  • The provision of seed and fertiliser packs so that the children can become involved in growing their own food.
  • Construction of a 'feeding centre' where food and other goods are stored for safekeeping. Metal was also purchased to make five cooking pots and 300 plastic cups and plates were provided. In addition the Malawi Millennium Project has agreed to provide £1,200 per year for five years to help feed the children. £100 per month purchases 300kg of Likuni Phala which is a maize-based food for children; it is fortified with nutrients and this amount is enough to feed the 200 children who are 10 years and under every day for a month.
  • The most recent initiative at Tikondane has been the installation of a maize mill to increase the orphanage's self-sufficiency.
Tikondane children

Delivering the funding and equipment to the Orphanage was facilitated by Dr Tracy Morse, a graduate of the University of Strathclyde, who lives and works in Malawi. She is now managing the Project's Chikwawa initiative.