Planning a gap year abroad

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Planning your gap year abroad - essential advice

It is essential that you do your research and get lots of advice well in advance of your gap year.  Taking a gap year is a big investment of your time and finances so you will want to make informed decisions. 

What types of opportunities are available:

Work options include:

Volunteering and unpaid project work

There are many organisations, some of whom may be charities, who can arrange a project for you abroad.  Projects could be in the area of conservation, environment, community education, teaching etc. These projects tend to be expensive, even for a short-term project.  In most cases, participants are required to contribute towards programme costs, which can be considerable, as well as paying for other costs.  If you are interested in doing such a project find out exactly how much finance you'd need - including programme costs, flights, visas, travel and health insurance and funds to support you during your time abroad, so that you can plan well in advance of your trip. Most organisations offer advice on how to fundraise.

Get advice before travelling

  • The FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) website gives up to date travel advice for British travellers.
  • The UK Government Travel Aware campaign aims to help British people to stay safe and healthy abroad.

Use the Careers Service

  • Login to MyCareerHub Strathclyde (DS Login) to search gap year vacancies.
  • Goinglobal We subscribe to this online database. Country profiles include job hunting tips, local job search links, cultural information and CV tips, with examples, for different countries. (DS login required)

Useful websites: