Why go abroad?

The world of work is rapidly changing. In an increasingly competitive job market, developing your employability is essential to ensure success. We know that employers are looking for vital skills such as communication, team working and problem solving. But in addition to this, businesses are increasingly talking about the need for students to develop a more international perspective and become a “Global Graduate.”

This is where undertaking a global opportunity can help. International experience on your CV whether it is studying or working overseas- can really enhance your employment prospects both in the UK and abroad.

Why should you consider going abroad?

  • Develop your global perspectives and knowledge
  • Gain an insight into different countries, cultures and business environments
  • Set yourself a new challenge
  • Improve your foreign language skills
  • Undertake varied work experience
  • Enrich your learning experience through international study
  • Work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and further enhance your interpersonal relations
  • Develop new contacts and networks
  • Enhance your personal skills, become more resilient, flexible and adaptable


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