Graduate Labour Market

Labour market intelligence (LMI) comes from looking at what recent graduates have done and at what employers and economic consultants predict as areas of future growth in the graduate labour market.

When you are looking for a job, take time to focus on the state of the labour market and what that means for graduate recruitment.

You might have to take a number of issues into consideration such as:

  • how are developments in the local, national and world economy affecting the occupation or sector you wish to enter?
  • which are the potential growth sectors - and which are in decline?
  • is the type of work you want more readily available in some locations than in others?
  • what are employers' requirements for entry to your ideal career?
  • is there a skills shortage or an over-supply of skilled labour in your preferred career?
  • who recruits graduates with your type of degree - particularly from Strathclyde?
  • what are starting salaries like in various occupations?

Start with this useful article from icloud:

How to use labour market information to make career decisions 

Find out what graduates do

Find out about industry sectors

Salary information

  • TARGETjobs have collated data on salary for different graduate jobs with a tool to work out the average salary for your course.

Other sources of information

 Don't forget about social media