Presentations are an excellent way of finding out about the opportunities on offer with major graduate recruiters and about their selection criteria. Opportunities may be for graduate jobs or internships for students of earlier years. Increasingly, companies are using their internship programmes as a direct route to their graduate recruitment.

Meeting their staff, including recent graduate recruits, tells you whether you identify with their values and life-style - which can be more important than the salary they offer. Above all, the impressions you gain from going to presentations can help you to decide whether or not you want to apply and it is a great chance to find out about things not covered in company literature or websites. Investment of time at this stage in refining your job search can save you wasted time later.

  • Sign up for presentations for both graduate and internship opportunities. This is a way of gauging whether or not students are interested. Last year some presentations were cancelled due to apparent lack of interest, but on the night several students appeared. This wastes everyone's time so, please sign up.
  • Check your department noticeboard for presentation posters.

What happens at presentations?

Most begin with a brief formal presentation on the organisation and its graduate vacancies. There is then an opportunity to ask questions and to mingle informally with graduate recruiters, recent graduates and often staff from functions which may be of interest to you.

Where do presentations take place?

Most employer presentations take place on campus, but some are also held in City Centre Hotels in Glasgow with the occasional one also taking place in their own offices.  

If you have problems with a venue or require presentation materials in a different format because of a disability, please tell the Careers Service. The Careers Service Seminar Room (level 6 Livingstone Tower) is fitted with an Induction Hearing Loop.

What should I wear?

Smart casual is fine for most venues.  You are not going to be interviewed, but at the same time you don't want to be remembered for being incredibly scruffy!

Can I just go along to a presentation?

Most employers prefer you to sign up for their presentations. You can do this online via the programme of employer presentations. It is important to do so as employers may cancel presentations if there is not enough interest. Posters go up on the notice board approximately one or two weeks before the event.

Places may be limited so don't leave it till the last minute to sign up. If you cannot attend, please delete your online booking or telephone the Careers Service on 0141 548 3912 to cancel your booking as there may be a waiting list.

How can I get the most out of presentations?

  • Before the presentation:

    • Start a job search file in which to keep all your information about employer contacts.

    • Find out a little about an organisation by looking at its brochure or website. This will tell you if you really want to attend a presentation.  It will also give employers a positive impression of your enthusiasm to find out about their organisation.

    • Think about what you want to get out of the event. Prepare a list of questions which you would like to have answered.

    • Double check the time and venue!

  • At the presentation:

    • Note the names of speakers and other staff in case you need to contact them later.

    • Note areas where there will be vacancies, employers' requirements and selection procedure.  Pay attention to closing dates and employers' preferred methods of application.

    • From informal conversation, begin to form an impression of whether the staff whom you meet are the kind of people whom you would wish to have as colleagues.

  • After the presentation

    • File your notes along with the employer's literature in your job search folder. These will be useful if you decide to apply to the organisation.

    • Follow up any action points - such as contacting other staff you have been referred to or speaking to a careers adviser about any concerns you have.