The academic department(s) you study in will have a designated member of staff whose role is to discuss with you any aspect of the course as this relates to your disability. These members of staff are referred to as Departmental Disability Contacts (DDC). There will also be a designated Exam Coordinator with responsibility for ensuring that your recommended exam arrangements are put in place.

The academic departments listed below are grouped by faculty. By following a department link you will be presented with the list of Departmental Disability Contacts and Exam Coordinators for that department.

Note to Departments:

The DDC and Exam Coordinator lists above come from live Registry held data. The Disabled Students Requirements system hosted on Pegasus works from these lists. That is, these lists are used for the Notification Emails. Therefore, it is important that the register of DDCs and Exam Coordinators is kept up-to-date.

Please notify the Disability & Wellbeing Service if any changes to your DDCs or Exam Coordinators list are required. You can either email or call extension 3402.