Disability & Wellbeing Service Funding

The University is committed to meeting the needs of students with disabilities. There are two sources of funding available to meet the needs of disabled students.

The first is the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). This can provide essential assistive technology and human support to the student. The second is the Disability Resource Development Fund (DRDF). This can be used to meet the costs incurred by the university.

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

The Disabled Students Allowance is a source of funding that can meet costs for support and equipment. These are deemed essential for a student to access their course.

Many students' needs can be met through adjustments to teaching and exam arrangements. And also to standard provisions including on-campus assistive technology. In some cases, an application for DSA may be required.

Disability Resource Development Fund (DRDF)

The Disability & Wellbeing Service manages a support fund. This is known as the Disability Resource Development Fund (DRDF). It's available to support departmental developments that improve access for disabled students.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss, contact the Disability team at disability-wellbeing@strath.ac.uk.

DRDF application guidelines:

  1. Priority is given to applications for funds to meet the needs of current disabled students, where these cannot be met from other sources. Weight is attached to applications that show the resource is likely to be of value to future disabled students.
  2. It's expected that departments will have spoken with the Disability & Wellbeing Service to discuss alternative sources of funding. This may include the Disabled Students Allowance. Departments seeking funding should check with the Disability & Wellbeing Service whether the equipment can be loaned. Applications should make reference to such discussions.
  3. Applications should show how the resource sought is in addition to provision that the department makes for all students.
  4. The Disability & Wellbeing Service can provide guidance. But it's the department that handles any purchasing, staff assignments or recruitment related to DRDF spending.
  5. Applications should be sent to Chris McKenzie, Disability & Wellbeing Manager: disability-wellbeing@strath.ac.uk

The current DRDF Application form is available to download: Disability Resource Development Fund (DRDF) Application Form (MS Word)