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Consent to contact

The University of Strathclyde is committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our student community. As part of our commitment to supporting student mental health and wellbeing, all students are asked during registration each year to provide additional details of a trusted individual to be their ‘wellbeing contact’.

If you opt in this will allow the University to contact that trusted individual if we have serious concerns about your wellbeing.

The Emergency and Wellbeing Contact Procedure and Guidance explains the situations when we would get in contact, and how this information is stored.

You can change who your ‘wellbeing contact’ is on PEGASUS at any time.

Benn Rapson
The Wellbeing Contact is an additional safety net to ensure you get the support you need when you need it most. I would encourage all students to assign a Wellbeing Contact during their registration this year.
Benn Rapson
Strath Union

Information for parents & supporters

We understand that sometimes you may want to contact a student but cannot do so. We recognise our students are independent adults and respect their right to confidentiality. As such we require their consent to talk to anyone outside the University about them including parents and guardians.

That is why we ask students to opt-in and give consent for us to contact their ‘wellbeing contact’. This is for situations that are not emergencies, but in which we have serious concerns about their wellbeing.

As part of the student registration process, all students are also required to provide details of an emergency contact. The University may contact this person in instances when it is in their vital interests to do so. Under data protection legislation, we may disclose personal information about a student without their consent only when it is in their vital interests. This means in very serious or life-and-death situations.

Helping Students in Distress: a Guide for Staff

The health and welfare of all members of the University are everyone’s concern. The "Helping Students in Distress" guide provides advice on dealing with students in crisis and guidance on supporting students in emotional distress. You can access the guide on the following link: Helping Students in Distress: A Guide for Staff 2023 (pdf).