Asbestos in Equipment

Asbestos in equipment

The asbestos register relates only to the building fabric: it does not include asbestos in laboratory equipment, which is the responsibility of individual departments. The head of department should ensure that the department keeps records that show the location of such equipment, and the condition of the asbestos if possible. Asbestos that is damaged or in poor condition must be repaired by a licensed contractor, or the equipment should be disposed of intact as asbestos waste. Records should be kept up to date or amended following disposal or relocation of equipment.

Asbestos waste

ACMs are defined as hazardous waste and they must not be disposed of in normal waste streams. Unwanted equipment containing asbestos must be disposed of in consultation with Safety, Health and Wellbeing (SHAW)/Estates Services. All asbestos waste must be removed by licensed asbestos contractors and disposed of in accordance with asbestos guidelines.