Estates Services Telephone user guide

Transfer a call R + extension number
Return to caller R*1
Automatic call back 1
Cancel automatic call back ##1
Do not disturb *8
Cancel do not disturb #8
Group call pick up *3 (if in pickup group)
Call pick up **3 + ext. number (any phone)
Save number *9
Use saved number #9
Last external number dialled *0
Log in to Hunt group *71
Log out of Hunt group #71

Diverting your calls to another extension

To cancel
On no reply only  *2 + the other ext. number  #2
On busy only *4 + the other ext. number #4
At all times *5 + the other ext. number #5 

No reply and busy can be set together.

Divert calls from another extension to your own

To cancel
*66 + the other ext. number ##5 + the other extension number

Conference calls

Up to 8 people can join a conference call. 

  • Call the first number to start the call
  • Next, press R (recall) and dial third party number, wait for reply
  • Press R*69 to bring into the conference
  • Press R, dial fourth party number, wait for reply
  • Press R*69 and continue to add to conference until you have added in up to 8 people.
  • To leave the conference, simply hang up.