Web timetables help Module search guide

You can use web timetables module search to view timetables by module. 

Here timetables can be viewed by selecting the module code(s).

  1. You can select the department that teaches the module, or leave blank to return all.
  2. If known you can search for the specific code by typing in the box and clicking the search button […].
  3. Select the module code(s) you wish to view. Hold down Ctrl to select more than one module code, up to six modules can be selected at one time.
  4. Select the weeks you wish to view.
  5. Select a weekday you wish to view.
  6. Select a time range if it is different from the default 09:00 to 17:00.
  7. Select the type of view you wish to see. The grid timetable options will provide you with a timetable layout either for each module code selected individually or a combined timetable for all module codes selected if more than one module code is selected.
  8. Click View Timetable to view selected timetable.