This page lists some commonly-used Finance forms. Detailed instruction on how to use them can be found under the relevant Service pages.

The forms are listed by Finance service / section:

Purchasing Goods and Services

Research Contracts



Online Shop


Purchasing Goods and Services

Detailed information about purchasing goods and services can be found on the Purchasing Goods & Services webpage.


Request for Payment

Please refer to the Purchasing Goods and Services from External Suppliers page before using the below form:



Expense Claim Forms

Please refer to the Expense Claims and Travel Advances before completing one of Expense Claim Forms below. 

Note that following the introduction of the FMS finance system on 10 August 2015, expense claims and travel advances for the following groups of staff and students should be submitted online using FMS:

The following Expense Claim forms are available for non-FMS users (non-University staff and undergraduate students outside HaSS):

Research Contracts

Detailed information about Research Contracts can be found on the Research Contracts webpage.


Detailed information about Payroll can be found on the Payroll Homepage.




Employment of Strathclyde University Students


Staff Fees / Overtime Payments

Finance has produced Guidelines for overtime working and payments .

The following forms are used:


Detailed information about Insurance can be found on the below link.



Online Shop Forms