FMS - Purchase Orders


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The entire procurement to payment process is described in detail in the following manuals:

Introduction to Procurement & Suppliers

Purchasing on FMS

Invoices & P2P Reports

Quick Guides

There is a quick guide for some of aspects of ordering:


Some processes have short videos  illustrating the process :

Training Courses

Training courses on Suppliers and Purchases are run periodically. Go to the Course Booking site to put your name on a waiting list of this course.


How do I cancel a Purchase Order?

You can cancel a Purchase Order by completing the 'Rest Cancelled' process via the Goods Receipts menu, guidance can be found here. You should also contact the supplier to alert them of the cancellation.

Once a Purchase Order has been cancelled, any outstanding commitment will be released back to the budget by the next working day.                                                                                                                                                      

How do I amend a Purchase Order?

A new Requisition should be created if adding products or services,  If you wish to remove items from an Order this should be done by contacting the supplier directly and using the ‘rest cancelled’ option when goods receipting.                                                                                                                                               

How do I view the PDF image of my Purchase Order?

This can be done by selecting the Purchase Order details within the procurement section of FMS. Once you have searched for your Purchase Order, open the attachments icon and the PDF will be displayed.                                                                                                                                                                                   

There is no PDF for my Purchase Order – what do I do?

If it’s a Parabilis order then there wont be a PDF. Parabilis Purchase Orders are not printed, they are sent by electronic transmission only.

When should I use a Request for Payment form?

The Request for Payment form should only be used for suppliers who cannot process purchase orders or accept a Purchase Card.

What should I do when I receive an Invoice direct to the department for which a Purchase Order was raised?

Please ensure the PO number is recorded on the invoice (if it’s not please write it on), scan the invoice and send to