FMS - Request for Payment

The Request for Payment (RFP) process along with the RFP form will be changing from 1 April 2018.

Changes to the RFP Process

  • RFP forms should be sent directly to a new dedicated email account .
  • The form along with all back up documentation must be submitted electronically as one pdf document.
  • Manual RFP forms should therefore no longer be submitted in hardcopy to Finance.
  • Following an initial review of the form by Procurement, the form will be uploaded directly onto FMS where the form will workflow for approval as per the current RFP process.

Changes to the RFP Form

  • The form has been amended to reflect changes in tax legislation. A new section identifying, where applicable, the employment status of the supplier has therefore been added.
  • The financial limit for requesting payment through this route is £3k (exclusive of VAT) to align with Procurement Policy. 
  • The specific payment details required by the banking institutions to enable international bank transfers have also been incorporated.
  • Departments will now have the option, to add in the appropriate FMS Account and Product codes directly onto the form.

Request for Payment Form