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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I view a Sales Invoice?

It’s not currently possible to view a sales invoice on FMS but you can use the report Sales Order Text Details under the S2C Reports folder to view the text included in the sales order.


How can I print a copy of a Sales Invoice?

Once a Sales Order is fully approved FMS converts the Sales Order into a Sales Invoice for issue to the customer. The Sales Invoice is emailed to the customer and a copy is also sent to the initiator for their records.  If a copy of the sales invoice is required please email

Knowledge Exchange (KE) FAQs


What falls under the term KE Invoicing?

Knowledge Exchange invoicing covers Consultancy, Conference, Publications, Hire of University owned Facilities, Training and Knowledge Transfer Grants.


What KE invoices can the department raise?

Departments raise invoices for Conference, Training and Short Course subprojects where a contract has not been put in place with RKES (normally less than £10,000 in value).  Where a Research & Knowledge Exchange Services (RKES) contract exists, finance will create the invoice (these are mainly consultancies or high value short course/training)


What activity code should I use to raise my KE invoices?

You should always use activity code 900 when raising a knowledge exchange invoice.


How can I check which products are classed as KE?

There is a report available which you can access to check the category of sales products. The report is contained within Reports>Your Reports>General Information>Sales Products. There is a guidance document on the FMS Hub, however a useful table has been created below for quick reference.

ActivityRevenue TypeAccount CodeActivity CodeProduct Code OptionsDescription
Consultancy Commercial 1400 900 SALES409 Consultancy Fee (including VAT, tax code SS for GBP£/ SE Euro)
        SALES482 Contribution Towards Costs (no VAT, tax code SE)
CPD/Training General 1150 900 SALES100 CPD/Training/Short Course Fee
        SALES152 Grant Funding
        SALES153 Contribution Towards Costs
Conference Commercial 1140 900 SALES400 Conference Fee
        SALES412 Contribution Towards Costs (no VAT)
Knowledge Transfer Specific Grants Grant 1403 900


Grant Funding
        SALES203 Contribution Towards Costs (possible VAT)
Facilities (FES) Commercial 1410 900 SALES420 Facilities (possible VAT)


How can I check the category on my KE subproject?

There is a report available which you can access to check your subprojects and this also details the project category on KE subprojects. The report is contained within Reports>Your Reports>General Information>Subproject Information.  There is a guidance document on the FMS Hub


Why do I receive a Mismatch task when I raise an invoice?

The mismatch task occurs when the sales order raised has either an incorrect subproject or an incorrect product.  For example:

  • A Non-KE subproject has been used with a KE product
  • A KE subproject has been used with a non-KE product
  • A KE subproject has been used but the project category does not match the KE product category

When am I able to view my paid invoices?

A monthly process takes place to allocate invoices paid during the previous month to activity 470 (consumables).  This does not happen for budgeted subprojects as budgets are set at outset and in these instances the investigator does not need to receive payment before expenditure can take place.

What does my K ref mean?

  • K1XXXXX-10X - subproject opened at the request of RKES (formal contract with funder)
  • K6XXXXX-10X - subproject opened directly by Finance (University’s standard terms) via KE costing form or via a request for a one-off course/conference subproject)
  • K9XXXXX-10X – subproject transferred from previous finance system (pre Aug 15) and may include either formal contracts or the University’s standard terms.


Why can I not open my own KE subproject?

All KE subprojects are opened by Finance to ensure that all the necessary records are captured and updated.