FinanceBuildings & contents insurance

All property (buildings & contents) held on campus that is owned by the University is automatically covered under the University's Material Damage policy.

Building and Contents Insurance

The University's Material Damage policy is subject to a £50,000 excess.

Losses as a result of theft

In order for a claim of theft to be made under this policy the theft must involve entry into or exit from premises by forcible and violent means. All suspected thefts must be reported to the Police and a crime reference number obtained.

Losses as a result of fire or flood

The responsibility lies with the department to notify in the first instance either Estates Management or Security, whichever is appropriate, of any damage due to fire or flood.

The department should then contact at which time a decision will be taken as to whether a Loss Adjuster is required.

Making a claim

Claim forms are available from which should be completed and returned as soon as possible. The following supporting documentation should be included, wherever possible, with the claim form:

  • crime reference number (where applicable)
  • copy of original invoice/order for lost/stolen/damaged goods
  • quote/estimate for replacement
  • with copy invoice/order for replacement to follow