Discount for Tuition Fees

The University offers a discount of 3% for the full advance payment of Tuition Fees if
you meet the following conditions:

1)   You must be a full-time student and fully self-funded.

(i.e. you are personally responsible for paying your fees and are receiving no other funding i.e. scholarships, loans or your fee has already been discounted)

2)   Payment must be received by the University on or before the deadline date.  NOTE  if you are paying by Bank transfer the fund must be in the University‚Äôs bank account on or before the deadline date.  No refund will be made if received after this date.

3)   Payment of fees must be made in advance in FULL.  A refund will be made once Registration has taken place and qualifying conditions have been met.

4)   DEADLINE DATES:      

  • 31st August 2021
  • 31st July 2021 (FOR PGDE STUDENTS)
  • 31st January 2022 (FOR JANUARY 2022 STARTS ONLY)