Information ServicesSharePoint

University staff and postgraduate researchers have access to Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint is a browser-based document management and collaboration platform.

We use SharePoint to provide an accessible space for:

  • information sharing
  • collaboration
  • storage
  • data collection
  • communication
  • reporting

Ways to use SharePoint

You can use SharePoint:

  • for community sites that bring together sources of information in one place, for example for a particular user group, team or department
  • to encourage community engagement with University developments, for example using a project site to share updates, collect information via surveys and provide opportunities for community feedback through discussion boards
  • as an online collaborative workspace for small teams to share documents, ideas and calendars that can be access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • to share information via formal workspaces that manage documents through the use of version control and approval workflows
  • to broadcast information to Strathclyde special interest groups with DS accounts (login used for PEGASUS), for example, with a blog
  • to create collaborative documents through wikis, for example policy documents
  • to streamline and automate business processes through secure online forms and workflows that include validation and business logic, for example application forms that are routed for review and ranking

Help with SharePoint