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Welcome to the web pages of the Internal Audit Service (IAS) at Strathclyde University . We hope you find these web pages interesting and informative.

Our aim is to dispel some of the 'myths' surrounding the work of an internal audit department. Primarily we are a service department to the University, therefore we're here to help you!

The IAS at the University of Strathclyde has been established as an in-house audit service for over 20 years. The ethos of the IAS over the years has always been to be proactive in working with departments and Faculties. Our key tasks are to provide assurance over four key areas: Governance; Internal Control; Risk Management; and Value for Money.

Effective communication of University Policies and Procedures and of general good practice is therefore essential. We hope these web pages will be a good source of information not only on the work of the IAS but also with regards helping departments ensure that the systems they have in place adhere to University policy and procedures.

We aim to ensure that our web pages are kept up to date and we would therefore encourage you to return regularly particularly with regards the section on 'Areas to Look out For' where common areas for improvement are highlighted from past (and current) audits . It is also our view that good practice should be shared, so to facilitate this we have included a section on 'Suggested Good Practice Templates' . These templates cover a variety of different areas (e.g. annual leave, order register) which we have found during the course of our audits to operate well within departments.

We value your comments and would encourage you to contact us if there is some aspect of your activity you may wish advice on and which may not be already specifically covered on these web pages.

We look forward to continue working with you.

Laura Livingston
Head of Internal Audit Service

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