Becoming a Supplier

Becoming a Supplier

Before the University of Strathclyde enters into an agreement with any supplier, a competitive process will be undertaken. This is likely to involve the University requesting a supplier to submit a quotation or a tender for the contract. The University does not place contracts in response to direct marketing.


These can be sought by telephone or email and are for low value purchases.

A more formal quotation may be requested in writing for higher value purchases.

Tender Process

Tenders are sought for all goods and services where the value exceeds £25, 000. Where the value exceeds the European Procurement thresholds, the process under the European Procurement Regulations are usually followed. There are a number of different tender processes depending on what is being purchased, the timescale involved and whether the EU Regulations apply:

Once evaluated, which may take a few days or several weeks, all tenderers are notified of the outcome in writing and the successful tenderer will be issued with a contract.

Once the contract is in place, contract management is key to a successful relationship. We expect you to manage your part of the business and work with us to improve the contract over its lifetime.