Our Team

General Enquiries:


0141 548 4281


Head of Procurement

Fiona Hughes - fiona.hughes@strath.ac.uk


Deputy Head of Procurement

Sharon Griffin - sharon.griffin@strath.ac.uk

Categories: Professional services; audit, legal services, temporary staffing


Category Managers

Lauren Leitch - lauren.leitch@strath.ac.uk

Categories; Estates, Construction 

David Waddell - david.waddell@strath.ac.uk

Categories: ICT, Sciences, Engineering


Senior Procurement Specialists

Magda Bamford - magdalena.bamford@strath.ac.uk

Kirstie Peffers - kirstie.peffers@strath.ac.uk


Procurement Officers

Kenneth Carlin - kenneth.carlin@strath.ac.uk

David Flockhart - david.flockhart@strath.ac.uk

Natasha Murray - natasha.murray@strath.ac.uk


Procurement Co-Ordinators

Maureen McMillan - maureen.mcmillan@strath.ac.uk

Amanda McFarlane - amanda.mcfarlane@strath.ac.uk

Jemma Wylie - jemma.wylie@strath.ac.uk


Procurement Systems Manager

Barry Allardice - barry.allardice@strath.ac.uk


Procurement Administrative Assistant

Sarena Reid - sarena.reid@strath.ac.uk