Energy Systems Research UnitCourses

ESRU contributes to courses at undergraduate, postgraduate (taught & research) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) levels.

Continuing Professional Development

Training courses are delivered in collaboration with the BRE Academy on a range of topical issues related to energy systems and the environment and enable practitioners to refine their energy systems appraisal skills through the effective application of modelling tools. They are designed to support Continuing Professional Development, and both traditional classroom style and online video courses are available. The former takes place at the University or other locations, and can also be organised at the trainees' workplace.

ESRU delivers courses in the following categories, either on a regular basis or on demand. To sign up for a course please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Building physics and systems design
    • Review of principles
    • Low energy housing
    • Thermal and visual comfort
    • Building regulations update
    • Environmental impact assessment
    • Introduction to building performance modelling. Learn about techniques to assess multi-variate performance quicker, better and cheaper than conventional design approaches.
    • Hybrid energy systems
    • Demand management and smart grids
  • Energy
    • Renewable energy technologies
    • Energy policy update
    • Urban low-carbon energy systems
    • Housing upgrade assessment
    • Biomass heating systems
    • Low-cost monitoring
  • Building information modelling
    • Fundamentals
    • Compliance requirements
  • Future cities
    • Resilience
    • Information connectivity
    • Information services
  • Programs training
    • SAP - UK domestic compliance assessment and Energy Performance Certificate production
    • SBEM - non-domestic legislation compliance
    • BREEAM - environmental performance rating
    • PHPP - Passive House evaluation
    • ESP-r dynamic energy systems modelling and simulation - introduction and advanced courses.
    • Radiance - Modelling of internal and external natural and artificial light distribution. Produce high-resolution images and quantify surface luminance and illuminance distribution to support glare avoidance and smart lighting control respectively.
    • Merit - Introduction to demand/supply matching and the sizing of hybrid renewable energy systems Learn about approaches to the design of low carbon communities based on hybrid technology solutions.
    • EnTrak / BuildAX - definition and delivery of energy-related 'e-services' delivery based on the automated analysis of monitored data.
    • HUE - Housing stock energy modelling for upgrade options appraisal. The approach supports policy formation at the community, local authority or national stock levels.
    • PEPA - non-domestic building stock upgrade appraisal
    • POET - housing upgrade quality assurance
    • BioMH - biomass heating system decision support tool. Focus on component sizing and system performance analysis. Delivered via online video modules and assessments. Book
    • Heat transfer modelling for thermal bridge analysis and the determination of PSI values for input to building modelling software; uses THERM.
  • User accreditation
    • BREEAM user certification
    • Certified European Passive House Designer course - a one-week course leading to Passivhaus Institut accreditation
    • ESP-r user certification
    • The deployment of pervasive sensing for the rapid quantification of energy and environmental problems within buildings using the BuildAX wireless sensor technology.