Design, Manufacturing & Engineering ManagementOperations

Our operations research is focused on supporting the development and sustained performance of engineering businesses through the optimisation of its operations processes across the entire value chain. We look at:

  • product concept and design through manufacturing
  • logistics
  • supply chain
  • remanufacturing and encompassing strategy
  • business models
  • change management
  • leadership
  • knowledge and information management
  • skills development

Our research is conducted in close partnership with engineering organisations who directly benefit from its outputs. We work with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as large multinational organisations to ensure the work we do is relevant and applicable.

We're also engaged in extensive knowledge exchange activities with our SME and large business community, embedding the outputs from our research into organisations to make real and lasting impacts to their performance.

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Our facilities

We have custom designed office space with the latest digital communication technology and think labs for creative working.

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Our researchers

We have a thriving research community of world leading experts and developing research students whose capabilities span our five research themes.

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Current research

Our researchers are currently working on topics including;

  • EuroVIP (EU FP7) – Dr Ian Whitfield

Some of our related PGR projects:

  • Lean Six Sigma Application within Saudi Private Organizations: An empirical investigation – Saja Albliwi
  • Development of dynamic, sustainable open business innovation models for SMEs through the use of Crowdsourcing technologies – Robert Anderson