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Research into technology for the manufacturing of materials, components and products is world-leading at DMEM. It spans a wide range of subject areas including:

  • forging and forming
  • micro and nano manufacturing
  • precision engineering
  • robotics
  • manufacturing automation.

Much of our research is in close partnership with industry, meaning that the outputs generated are applicable and scalable to direct manufacturing operations. Our researchers also investigate and use digital technologies to support and enhance manufacturing research such as crowdsourcing, digital factory and virtual manufacturing.

We are a lead partner in the UK High Value Manufacturing catapult, focusing on the development of technology capabilities to enable the exploitation of high value manufacturing opportunities by UK industry. Our research also involves the development of mechatronic solutions for space applications, highlighting the diverse range of applications and sectors to which our research can be, and is, applied.

Our facilities

The Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) is a world-class research facility housing over £16m worth of equipment, built to industry’s specifications, that ensures our work has a direct impact on manufacturing performance in industry. It has the in-house capability to heat, shape, finish, measure, test and analyse metal parts and components.

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We also maintain a range of rapid prototyping/additive layer equipment, leading edge CAD programs and modelling and simulation tools within our digital design and manufacturing studio.

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Our researchers

We have a thriving research community of world leading experts and developing research students whose capabilities span our five research themes.

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