Design, Manufacture & Engineering ManagementEngineering Management Group

We have expertise in the management, coordination and integration of activities, resources and information required for design and manufacture through-life: from identification of a need and the initial conception of an idea through to remanufacture and disposal.

Multi-disciplinary research

We promote multi-disciplinary research and work with:

We're active in:

  • developing and promoting a forward-thinking approach to the management of design and engineering in practice
  • employing tools and methods to aid the development of design and manufacturing engineering theory.

Specialist expertise

Specialist expertise includes:

  • business model development
  • decision making, modelling and optimisation
  • information and knowledge management
  • innovation management
  • forecasting, planning and control
  • performance measurement
  • quality and process management
  • systems engineering
  • supply chain and manufacturing sustainability assessment
  • operations management 
  • through-life engineering

Our research staff

​Case studies