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Materials engineering research at DMEM focuses on:

  • synthesis
  • grain-refining
  • testing
  • characterisation and modelling of metals and alloys and ceramics for industrial applications in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, nuclear, and oil and gas.

Our researchers have developed techniques to manipulate the compositions and grain-sizes of metals to improve their mechanical properties and to enhance opportunities for commercial applications.

Much of our research focuses on developing robust datasets to characterise the materials for building more accurate simulation models. We use multi-scale modelling techniques to investigate materials behaviours at different length-scales and to predict the performance of materials during both manufacturing processes and service conditions.

We have equipment, tools and techniques for destructive and non-destructive testing of materials to determine inherent material characteristics with a view to optimising performance and manufacture. Our research also covers aspects of biomedical materials manufacture and testing.

Our facilities

Our advanced manufacturing lab, the Advanced Forming Research Centre and the engineering faculty’s Advanced Materials Research Lab (AMRL) hosts some of the most advanced materials testing equipment in the world. This gives us the capability to provide detailed analysis on material behaviour in specific environments and investigate material properties including:

  • Bulge testing (generation of forming limit curves)
  • Electro Thermal Mechanical testing (fatigue testing)
  • Mechanical compression and tensile testing
  • Exploring component failure, utilising tensile strength testing, chemical composition examination, grain structure and fracture surface profiling.

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Our researchers

We have a thriving research community of world leading experts and developing research students whose capabilities span our five research themes.

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Current research

Our researchers are currently working on topics including: