Design, Manufacturing & Engineering ManagementSustainability

Sustainability underpins all our research from the point of view of:

  • longevity and optimisation of products and systems
  • continued business performance
  • reducing environmental impact of the processes
  • tools and technologies used to design and manufacture products and systems
  • reducing resources
  • through-life product support strategies

Specific research topics include:

  • end of life strategies, particularly remanufacturing – reverse logistics and supply chain, design for remanufacture, and disassembly processes
  • design for environment
  • through-life knowledge and information management
  • net-shape manufacturing
  • green supply chains

We work closely with industry to support them in sustainable manufacturing practices and contribute to developing smart, efficient and sustainable factories of the future.

Our facilities

At DMEM we have custom-designed office space with the latest digital communication technology and think labs for creative working.

Our researchers

We have a thriving research community of world leading experts and developing research students whose capabilities span our five research themes. Find out more about our staff and students and their expertise.

Current research

Our researchers are currently working on topics including:

  • GREENet (Marie Curie IRSES) – Dr Winnie Ijomah

Some of our related PGR projects:

  • Managing resource in disassembly for remanufacturing – Anjar Priyono
  • The development of a holistic Reverse Logistics Management System for Remanufacturers – David Stewart