Mechanical & aerospace engineeringCPD and training

At Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE), we have a long-standing commitment to life-long learning, and, in particular, to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). In the rapidly changing technological world, engineers have an obligation to keep up with new developments.

Our courses

MAE offers high-value training courses in a range of fields that draw on the expertise of our staff. Our various CPD courses on the design of pressurised equipment, offered in conjunction with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the British Standards Institute, have trained over 1,000 engineers from around the world. We have also launched courses in the design of low and zero-carbon housing accredited by the PassivHaus Institute in Germany.

As the need for professional technical development grows in the post-SARTOR era, we will continue to develop innovative CPD courses. We also have the expertise, and state-of-the-art training facilities, to offer specialised courses at the request of individual companies, or indeed to provide these in-house.

Upcoming courses and information on how to apply are available on our Continuing Professional Development page.