Citizens & Communities About us

Our group addresses a wide range of historical, social, political, economic, demographic, health and environmental research questions relating to understanding citizenship and communities. 

The concept of citizenship lies at the heart of many of the most important debates in social policy. 

Our approach encompasses a wide range of issues, including questions relating to social rights and welfare entitlements, to the concept of health citizenship, migration and belonging, and civic participation.  Our work in the area of communities explores the links between communities and social welfare, as well as the community legacies of major sporting events.  We also explore the challenges associated with the ‘idea’ of community in future cities.

All of our work is motivated by a desire to better understand the causes and consequences of social divisions and their impact on individual and social welfare.  We approach these issues from both historical and contemporary perspectives, using a range of methodological approaches.  Our ultimate aim is to contribute to the development of the sorts of social policies and activities that help to promote cohesion and inclusion, health and wellbeing, engagement and participation in our cities and communities.

Our work covers local, national and global scales and relationships between them.