Criminal & social justice About us

We are an inter-disciplinary team of scholars and researchers from all career stages. The researchers in this cluster both co-collaborate and participate in wider research networks and communities of practice, nationally and internationally. 

While our research topics are many and varied, we share a focus on social justice, penal reform and civil and human rights. Our work connects to the broader concerns of the social sciences; to thinking comparatively and critically about crime and punishment; to bringing together sociological and normative approaches to the analysis of crime and justice; and to working at the intersections between criminology, public policy and professional practice. Our work is oriented to making a national and international impact by creating a positive difference.

Our research utilises a diverse range of research methodologies, including qualitative approaches, such as action research, digital technologies, and participatory research, in addition to quantitative and mixed methods approaches.

We're involved, in various ways, in SCCJR, a world leading research centre and CYCJ, a national knowledge exchange centre.