PeopleAidan Hunter

Research Student

LT838 Livingstone Tower

TEL : +44 (0)141 548 3385 (Ext. 3385)


I graduated from Glasgow University with an MSci in Mathematics in 2012.

The aim of my PhD project is to produce population models of the demersal fish community in the Firth of Clyde.

These will be used to investigate possible drivers of the observed changes in abundance and size distribution of some key species, and to predict how different management schemes may influence the future state of the ecosystem.

I analyse survey age and maturity data to determine trends in growth rate and size at maturation of several species, as well as using landings data with age-structured models to estimate trends in stock abundance and fishing mortality.

The results of this analyses will be incorporated into a length-structured multi-species population model.

This will be used to predict the effects of varying the fishing mortality imposed on different species and size ranges in an effort to determine fishing strategies that may help to restore the ecosystem and the fishery.