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Information and Induction Documents

If you are new to SIPBS, download your staff induction documents below:

SIPBS Monthly drop-in sessions

Confidential advice forum for academic, research, teaching, technical and administrative/professional services staff delivered by experienced and supportive staff.  Held from 12-2pm at the beginning of every month. Topics include, but are not restricted to, career support (mentoring, promotion, performance review, Fellowships), working patterns, parental leave, dignity and respect, working with colleagues etc. Additional meetings and other support services can be provided, if needed. For further information, please contact: Prof Sue Pyne (susan.pyne@strath.ac.uk)

SIPBS Athena SWAN Prize for Researchers

This competitive prize acknowledges the importance of advancing the Athena SWAN agenda within SIPBS and is aimed at recognising and encouraging researchers for their achievements at various stages of their careers. 


SIPBS Athena SWAN Funding

The SIPBS Athena SWAN committee welcomes applications for funding of up to £500 to encourage members of staff of all categories to promote the Athena SWAN agenda both within SIPBS and externally. 



SIPBS Mentoring Scheme for Researchers

Complements the University Mentoring @Strathclyde Scheme for research‐only staff interested in getting some advice on career progression. Please complete this mentoring form and send it to ellie.quinn@strath.ac.uk. Please note you can request a change of mentor from the person you are initially assigned. Any such requests should be directed to ellie.quinn@strath.ac.uk.



Student handbooks
Personal Development Advisors (PDA) Scheme

This scheme is available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students in SIPBS. A PDA is a member of academic staff who is always available to help with personal skills development, encourage self-reflection and planning, and provide advice on general and/or particular problems. You can send an email to request a meeting with your PDA at any time. You can request a change of PDA from the person you were initially assigned. Any such requests should be directed to carol.barnett@strath.ac.uk