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Dr Matthew Alexander



Personal statement

I am a Reader in the Department of Marketing where I have been based since 2009. My research interests are focused within the services domain around the complementary concepts of Service Dominant Logic, value co-creation and customer engagement. Within this domain I have a particular focus on the behavioural manifestations of engagement and their impact within society. I am currently director of Postgraduate Research and also teach a variety of subjects which relate closely to my research interests. I am currently an elected member of the University Senate and sit on the Senate Business Committee.

My research has been published in a range of academic journals including the Journal of Service Research, Annals of Tourism Research and Tourism Management.

In my spare time I enjoy singing and spending time with my family.


Beyond the dyadic: customer engagement in increasingly networked environments
Hollebeek Linda, Jaakkola Elina, Alexander Matthew
Journal of Service Management Vol 29, pp. 330-332, (2018)
How does engagement affect customer journeys and experience?
Jaakkola Elina, Alexander Matthew
10th SERVSIG Conference, (2018)
Transforming mundane experiences : exploring customer well-being of the commuting journey
Liana Binti Abu Mimi , Alexander Matthew
10th SERVSIG Conference, (2018)
Exploring customer engagement marketing (CEM) and its impact on customer engagement behaviour (CEB) stimulation
Karam Esraa , Alexander Matthew
10th SERVSIG Conference, pp. 208-213, (2018)
The impact of negatively valenced influencing behavior
Jaylan Helmy Shaker Azer J, Alexander Matthew
10th SERVSIG Conference, (2018)
Delivering integrated and customised service experiences within a heterogeneous cultural organisation
Johnstone Jane, Alexander Matthew, Bryce Derek
10th SERVSIG Conference, pp. 364-368, (2018)

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I have been nominated in the last six consecutive years (2011-2016) by students as part of Strathclyde's Teaching Excellence awards across all categories (best overall, most passionate, most innovative, most supportive). I teach classes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. My undergraduate classes are centred on services marketing (Managing the Service Encounter) and relationship marketing (Managing Customer Relationships). At postgraduate level I contribute to classes on our Tourism Marketing Management MSc and also deliver classes on research methods and academic skills. I am also part of a team of 3 academics who manage our highly innovative, knowledge exchange focussed, class 'Marketing Works' where our postgraduate students work with industry clients on a consultancy project.

I have considerable overseas teaching experience having delivered classes for the Business School in both Hong Kong and Iran. I have also been a visiting academic at Turku School of Economics in Finland, University of Paderborn in Germany, Aston Business School and Heriot-Watt University in the UK.

Research interests

My research mainly centres on the complementary concepts of Customer Engagement, Value Co-Creation and their various incarnations within the service and tourism domains.

Recent successes include:

  • A best paper nomination (2014) in the Journal of Service Research for the paper: Jaakkola, E., & Alexander, M. (2014). The Role of Customer Engagement Behavior in Value Co-Creation: A Service System Perspective. Journal of Service Research, 17(3), 247-261.
  • Principal Investigator on an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award worth (£57,597). The project “Cultural Heritage and Ancestral Tourism: reclaiming Scottish identity from "Highlandisation" is a collaboration with Glasgow Life.

Current active projects include ‘Ancestral Tourism’ and its delivery within local tourism attractions and ‘Community Destination Branding’ exploring the challenges of community based tourism.

My research is published in journals such as: Journal of Service Research, Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, and the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

I act as an ad-hoc reviewer for several journals including: Journal of Service Research, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Industrial Marketing Management and the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

Professional activities

Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference
Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference
From Poetry to Railway Posters: On the highway to a tourist magnet
Ancestral Tourism in Scotland
Engage with Strathclyde: Understanding and Improving the Ancestral Tourism Experience
Meeting with representatives of Scottish Government, Visit Scotland and the Scottish Ancestral Tourism Group

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Understanding Ancestral Tourism
Alexander, Matthew (Co-investigator) Murdy, Samantha (Co-investigator) Bryce, Derek (Co-investigator)
Knowledge Exchange Development Fund: £9,876
Period 01-Sep-2015 - 31-Dec-2015
Cultural Heritage and Ancestral Tourism: reclaiming Scottish identity from "Highlandisation"
Alexander, Matthew (Principal Investigator) Bryce, Derek (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2015 - 30-Sep-2018
Understanding Ancestral Tourism
Alexander, Matthew (Academic) Bryce, Derek (Academic) Murdy, Samantha (Academic)
The overall purpose of this research project is to attain a better understanding of ancestral tourism. The key research objectives related to this study are: • To identify the specific needs and interests of ancestral tourists • To explore the relationship between ancestral tourism and wider tourism activity • To explore how tourism destinations and resources support the needs of ancestral tourists and the challenges therein. This study will look to collect data in a variety of different ways to address the research objectives, and will be used to triangulate the results. As such, the following methods will be used: i) interviews with stakeholders in the tourism and heritage sectors who are involved with ancestral tourists; ii) interviews with ancestral tourists; iii) observation of ancestral tourists; and iv) questionnaires considering the tourist perspective.
Period 16-Jan-2014

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