Dr Mouhamad Shaker Ali Agha

Teaching Fellow

Management Science

Personal statement

I am a teaching fellow in the Department of Management Science where I also received my PhD and MSc. I teach subjects related to operations management, ERP and technical risk management. I am a fellow of The Higher Education Academy. I act also as a reviewer for Operations Management Research Journal. My research interest lies in the area of supply chain management in general. In particular, I am interested in the supply chain risk and resilience analysis, digital supply chains, spare parts inventory management and supply chain management of the renewable energy sector. I am happy to supervise PhD students who have the same research interests and able to demonstrate the application of their research using real case studies.


Dynamic Bayesian network modelling of supply chain resilience : learning from multiple cases
Ali Agha Mouhamad Shaker, van der Meer Robert, Walls Lesley
27th European Conference on Operational Research (EURO XXVII), pp. 296-296 (2015)
Modelling supply network reliability using dynamic Bayesian networks
Mouhamad Shaker Ali Agha, Van Der Meer Robert, Walls Lesley
Hamburg International Conference on Logistics 2012 (2012)
Modeling supply network reliability and resilience using dynamic Bayesian networks
Ali Agha Mouhamad Shaker, van der Meer Robert, Walls Lesley
Pioneering Supply Chain Design , pp. 249-264 (2012)

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