Dr Ashwin Arulselvan


Management Science

Personal statement

I joined the University in 2014 and I'm currently a Lecturer in Management Science.  I received my PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from University of Florida in 2009. I was a Research Fellow at the Center for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications at University of Warwick between  2009 and 2010. I then joined Institut für Mathematik at Technische Universität Berlin and worked as a postdoctoral fellow till 2014.



Has expertise in:

    His research interests are in combinatorial optimisation: network flow problems, network design problems, integer programming, approximation algorithms.


The incremental connected facility location problem
Arulselvan Ashwin, Bley Andreas, Ljubić Ivana
Computers & Operations Research (2019)
The role of precision timing in stock market price discovery when trading through distributed ledgers
Broby Daniel, Basu Devraj, Arulselvan Ashwin
Journal of Business Thought Vol 10 (2019)
Allocation rules for global donors
Morton Alec, Arulselvan Ashwin, Thomas Ranjeeta
Journal of Health Economics Vol 58, pp. 67-75 (2018)
A decomposition algorithm for robust lot sizing problem with remanufacturing option
Attila Öykü Naz, Agra Agostinho, Akartunali Kerem, Arulselvan Ashwin
Computational Science and its Applications - ICCSA 2017 17th International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol 10405, pp. 684-695 (2017)
Models and exact approaches for designing multi-sink buy-at-bulk networks
Arulselvan Ashwin, Rezapour Mohsen, Welz Wolfgang A
INFORMS Journal on Computing (2017)
Minimum controller substructure for generic arbitrary pole placement : multicommodity flow and TSP based formulations
Kotoky Atreya, Mahajan Ashutosh, Arulselvan Ashwin, Belur Madhu N, Kalaimani Rachel K
2016 European Control Conference (ECC) 2016 European Control Conference, pp. 849-854 (2017)

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Ashwin has been teaching at various levels including the MSc programme and the Undergraduate level. He is currently the course coordinator for a first year undergraduate class and an MSc class. He has also taught a short course in the doctoral programme of Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. 


KTP-Scottish Water
Walls, Lesley (Principal Investigator) Arulselvan, Ashwin (Co-investigator) Barlow, Euan (Co-investigator) Quigley, John (Co-investigator) Revie, Matthew (Co-investigator)
08-Jan-2016 - 07-Jan-2018

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