Dr Ashwin Arulselvan

Senior Lecturer

Management Science


Personal statement

I joined the University in 2014 and I'm currently a Lecturer in Management Science.  I received my PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from University of Florida in 2009. I was a Research Fellow at the Center for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications at University of Warwick between  2009 and 2010. I then joined Institut für Mathematik at Technische Universität Berlin and worked as a postdoctoral fellow till 2014.


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Area of Expertise

His research interests are in combinatorial optimisation: network flow problems, network design problems, integer programming, approximation algorithms.

Prize And Awards

Postdoctoral Research
Research Fellowship

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Solution techniques for Bi-level Knapsack Problems
Ghatkar Shraddha, Arulselvan Ashwin, Morton Alec
Computers & Operations Research Vol 159 (2023)
Decentralized and automated business logic in a future MBSE blockchain ecosystem
Boumghar Red, Riccardi Annalisa, Ameen Shazhad, Arulselvan Ashwin, Minisci Edmondo
Model Based Space Systems and Software Engineering - MBSE2022 (2022)
Decentralized trust management in concurrent design using blockchain
Boumghar Redouane, Ameen Shazad, Riccardi Annalisa, Arulselvan Ashwin, Minisci Edmondo, Bui Long AnhToan, Pizarro De La Iglesia José
10th International Systems & Concurrent Engineering for Space Applications Conference (SECESA 2022) (2022)
Joint chance constrained probabilistic simple temporal networks via column generation
Murray Andrew, Cashmore Michael, Arulselvan Ashwin, Frank Jeremy
15th International Symposium on Combinatorial Search , pp. 305-307 (2022)
Joint chance constrained probabilistic simple temporal networks via column generation (extended abstract)
Murray Andrew, Cashmore Michael, Arulselvan Ashwin
19th International Conference on the Integration of Constraint Programmng, Artificial Intelligence, and Operations Research (2022)
A heuristic approach for the distance-based critical node detection problem in complex networks
Alozie Glory Uche, Arulselvan Ashwin, Akartunali Kerem, Pasiliao, Jr. Eduardo L
Journal of the Operational Research Society Vol 73, pp. 1347-1361 (2022)

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Professional Activities

Optimization Letters (Journal)
Editorial board member
Approximation schemes for bilevel optimisation problem
6th International Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science
Member of programme committee
Airforce Research Laboratory
Visiting researcher
A National Taught Course Center in Operational Research (NATCOR) (External organisation)
2nd IMA and OR Society Conference on Mathematics of Operational Research
Invited speaker

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Blockchain ecosystem for an autonomous consensus mechanism of federated satellite networks
Riccardi, Annalisa (Principal Investigator) Arulselvan, Ashwin (Co-investigator)
15-Jan-2022 - 14-Jan-2023
A Distributed Ledger approach to MBSE
Riccardi, Annalisa (Principal Investigator) Arulselvan, Ashwin (Co-investigator) Minisci, Edmondo (Co-investigator)
09-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
Maths DTP 2020 University of Strathclyde | Murray, Andrew
Roper, Marc (Principal Investigator) Arulselvan, Ashwin (Co-investigator) Murray, Andrew (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 01-Jan-2025
KTP-Scottish Water
Walls, Lesley (Principal Investigator) Arulselvan, Ashwin (Co-investigator) Barlow, Euan (Co-investigator) Quigley, John (Co-investigator) Revie, Matthew (Co-investigator)
08-Jan-2016 - 07-Jan-2018

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Dr Ashwin Arulselvan
Senior Lecturer
Management Science

Email: ashwin.arulselvan@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 548 4923