Professor Mehmet Atlar

Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering

Personal statement

I joined the NAOME department in May 2016 as the Research Professor through the Global Talent Platform initiative of Strathclyde University.

I had a BSc and MSc degrees in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from the Technical University of Istanbul while my PhD degree is from Glasgow University in the field of dynamic motion responses of semi-submersibles. Following my postgraduate studies, I worked as a technical consultant at British Maritime Technology Ltd in Newcastle upon Tyne until I was appointed as an academic member of staff at Newcastle University in 1994. During this appointment, I was the director of Emerson Cavitation Tunnel as well as the Professor of Ship Hydrodynamics in the School of Marine Science and Technology of Newcastle University.

My main research and teaching interests lie in the field of experimental and computational naval hydrodynamics with a bias on ship applications. I am specifically interested in ship performance and propulsion as well as motion responses. My recent research interests comprise novel hull-form designs, propulsor design and performance including cavitation and underwater noise, performance prediction and analysis with a specific interest on control coatings for marine biofouling. I am also interested in an energy saving of ships and rotating type renewable energy devices with biomimetic applications.

I have been the member of various ITTC technical committees at technical and chair level (Special Committees on Unconventional Propulsors, Azimuthing Podded Propulsors, I and II, Water Quality and Cavitation, Surface Treatment) as well as the member of the Advisory Council. I have led onto numerous collaborative EC Framework Programme projects, EPSRC projects, industry and defence related project. I was also the champion of the Newcastle University’s research catamaran project, “The Princess Royal” which was built in 2011 and named by the HRH Princess Anne. I have organised and chaired numerous special international conferences in hydrodynamics field and have been regularly organising bi-annual international AMT Conference Series (Advanced Model Measurements Technologies for Maritime Industry) since 2009. So far, I have supervised more than 28 successfully completed PhD research studies in the principal supervisor capacity, and I am also the member of RINA and SNAME.  


Marine propeller underwater radiated noise prediction with the FWH acoustic analogy Part 2 : assessment of model scale propeller hydroacoustic performance under non-uniform flow conditions
Sezen Savas, Atlar Mehmet
Ocean Engineering Vol 270 (2023)
Numerical investigation into the effects of tip vortex cavitation on propeller underwater radiated noise (URN) using a hybrid CFD method
Sezen Savas, Atlar Mehmet
Ocean Engineering Vol 266 (2022)
Marine propeller underwater radiated noise prediction with the FWH acoustic analogy part 3 : assessment of full-scale propeller hydroacoustic performance versus sea trial data
Sezen Savas, Atlar Mehmet
Ocean Engineering Vol 266 (2022)
Physically plausible propeller noise prediction via recursive corrections leveraging prior knowledge and experimental data
Kalikatzarakis Miltiadis, Coraddu Andrea, Atlar Mehmet, Gaggero Stefano, Tani Giorgio, Oneto Luca
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence Vol 118 (2022)
Predicting the effect of hull roughness on ship resistance using a fully turbulent flow channel
Ravenna Roberto, Ingham Ryan, Song Soonseok, Johnston Clifton, Tezdogan Tahsin, Atlar Mehmet, Demirel Yigit Kemal
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 10 (2022)
Vortex dynamics impact on the wake flow of a marine rudder with leading-edge tubercles
Troll Moritz, Shi Weichao, Stark Callum, Atlar Mehmet
Journal of Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy Vol 8, pp. 553-571 (2022)

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Professional activities

The 5th International Conference on Advanced Model Measurement Technology for the Maritime Industry
JMST (2015) (Journal)
Associate Editor

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Shi, Weichao (Principal Investigator) Atlar, Mehmet (Co-investigator) Jia, Laibing (Co-investigator) Tao, Longbin (Co-investigator) Yuan, Zhiming (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2025
International Labour Organisation - Skills for Prosperity Project in Indonesia - PPNS
Kurt, Rafet (Principal Investigator) Atlar, Mehmet (Co-investigator) Boon, Stuart (Co-investigator) Brennan, Feargal (Co-investigator) Demirel, Yigit Kemal (Co-investigator) Giagloglou, Eva (Co-investigator) Gunbeyaz, Sefer Anil (Co-investigator) Ion, William (Co-investigator) RAMIREZ MARENGO, Maria (Co-investigator) Riches, Phil (Co-investigator) Tezdogan, Tahsin (Co-investigator) Turan, Osman (Co-investigator)
27-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
GATE Rudder System as a Retrofit for the Next Generation Propulsion and Steering of Ships (GATERS) H2020 Mobility for Growth
Atlar, Mehmet (Principal Investigator) Oterkus, Erkan (Co-investigator) Shi, Weichao (Co-investigator) Tezdogan, Tahsin (Co-investigator) Turan, Osman (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2024
A novel Partially Floating Photovoltaic integrated with Smart Energy storage and Management System for Egyptian North Lakes
Oterkus, Erkan (Principal Investigator) Atlar, Mehmet (Co-investigator) Day, Sandy (Co-investigator) Oterkus, Selda (Co-investigator)
16-Jan-2020 - 15-Jan-2022
Virtual and physical ExperimeNtal Towing centre for the design of eneRgy Efficient sea-faring vessels - VENTuRE (H2020 CSA)
Tezdogan, Tahsin (Principal Investigator) Atlar, Mehmet (Co-investigator) Coraddu, Andrea (Co-investigator) Day, Sandy (Co-investigator) Demirel, Yigit Kemal (Co-investigator) Incecik, Atilla (Co-investigator) Kurt, Rafet (Co-investigator) Turan, Osman (Co-investigator) Yuan, Zhiming (Co-investigator) Song, Soonseok (Researcher) Terziev, Momchil (Researcher)
a Virtual and physical ExperimeNtal Towing centre for the design of eneRgy Efficient sea-faring vessels - VENTuRE (H2020 CSA)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2022
A biomimetic inspired for energy saving device for marine propeller
Shi, Weichao (Principal Investigator) Atlar, Mehmet (Co-investigator) Dai, David (Co-investigator) Day, Sandy (Co-investigator) Payne, Gregory (Co-investigator)
27-Jan-2019 - 26-Jan-2020

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Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering
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