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Professor Mehmet Atlar

Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering


Detailed flow measurement of the field around tidal turbines with and without biomimetic leading-edge tubercles
Shi Weichao, Atlar Mehmet, Norman Rosemary
Renewable Energy Vol 111, pp. 688-707, (2017)
Stereoscopic PIV aided wake simulation of a catamaran research vessel using a dummy-hull model in a medium size cavitation tunnel
Shi Weichao, Aktas Batuhan, Atlar Mehmet, Vasiljev Denis, Seo Kwangcheol
Journal of Marine Science and Technology (Japan), (2017)
Two medium size cavitation tunnel hydro-acoustic benchmark experiment comparisons as part of a round robin test campaign
Tani Giorgio, Aktas Batuhan, Viviani Michele, Atlar Mehmet
Ocean Engineering Vol 138, pp. 179-207, (2017)
An investigation into computational modelling of cavitation in a propeller's slipstream
Yilmaz Naz, Khorasanchi Mahdi, Atlar Mehmet
Fifth International Symposium on Marine Propulsion, (2017)
Design optimisation of Propeller Boss Cap Fins for enhanced propeller performance
Mizzi Kurt, Demirel Yigit Kemal, Banks Charlotte, Turan Osman, Kaklis Panagiotis, Atlar Mehmet
Applied Ocean Research Vol 62, pp. 210–222, (2017)
On-board measurement techniques to quantify underwater radiated noise level
Turkmen Serkan, Aktas Batuhan, Atlar Mehmet, Sasaki Noriyuki, Sampson Rod , Shi Weichao
Ocean Engineering Vol 130, pp. 166-175, (2017)

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Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering
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