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Personal statement

I work at the Strathclyde Institute of Education. I previously studied and worked at Ghent University's Department of Movement and Sports Sciences where I graduated with a master's degree in Physical Education and Movement Sciences (Physical Activity, Fitness and Health), and a doctorate in Health Sciences.

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Practical steps needed to achieve impact of the WHO 2019 movement behaviour guidelines for children under the age of 5 : the SUNRISE Study Europe Group evaluation
De Craemer Marieke, Veldman Sanne LC, Azevedo Liane B, Bardid Farid, Del Pozo Cruz Jesus, Engberg Elina, Jarani Juel, Kontsevaya Anna, Löf Marie, Martins Clarice, Nalecz Hanna, Okely Anthony, Tremblay Mark, Venetsanou Fotini, Yildiz Mehmet, Reilly John J
The Lancet Regional Health - Europe Vol 39 (2024)
A systematic evaluation of physical activity and diet policies in Scotland : results from the 2021 Active Healthy Kids Report Card
Tomaz Simone A, Reilly John J, Johnstone Avril, Hughes Adrienne, Robertson Jenni, Craig Leone C A, Bardid Farid
Journal of Public Health (2024)
Applying interdisciplinary methods to evaluate ​emerging community-led active mobility practices
Bonner James, Harrington Deirdre, Cory Katherine, Ferguson Neil, Bardid Farid
Scottish Physical Activity Research Connections annual conference 2023
Assessing the motivational climates in early physical education curricula underpinned by motor learning theory : SAMPLE-PE
Fitton-Davies K, Foweather L, Watson P M, Bardid F, Roberts S J, Davids K, O'Callaghan L, Crotti M, Rudd J R
Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Vol 28, pp. 630-657 (2023)
Motor competence and body mass index in the preschool years : a pooled cross-sectional analysis of 5545 children from eight countries
Martins Clarice, Romo-Perez Vicente, Webster E Kipling, Duncan Michael, Lemos Luís Filipe, Staiano Amanda E, Okely Anthony, Magistro Daniele, Carlevaro Fabio, Bardid Farid, Magno Francesca, Nobre Glauber, Estevan Isaac, Mota Jorge, Ning Ke, Robinson Leah E, Lenoir Matthieu, Quan Minghui, Valentini Nadia C, Cross Penny, Jones Rachel, Henrique Rafael, Chen Si-Tong, Diao Yucui, Bandeira Paulo R, Barnett Lisa M
Sports Medicine (2023)
Evaluation of physical activity policies in Scotland : results from the 2021 Active Healthy Kids Scotland Report Card
Tomaz Simone A, Reilly John J, Johnstone Avril, Hughes Adrienne, Robertson Jenni, Craig Leone C A, Bardid Farid
European Journal of Public Health Vol 33, pp. i90-i90 (2023)

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Research Interests

My research area is physical activity and health among children and young people. My research aims to support children and young people’s capabilities (e.g., self-perception, fitness, fundamental movement skills), opportunities (e.g., school, home, community), and motivation to participate in physical activity.

My research themes include:

  • Active places of learning ~ whole-school physical activity
  • Sport and active recreation for all
  • Active travel

I co-lead the Active Healthy Kids ScotlandFitBack Scotland and SUNRISE Scotland projects with Prof John Reilly. I am also a member of the International Motor Development Research Consortium (I-MDRC) and the Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) Europe Network.

Professional Activities

Human Movement Science (Journal)
Peer reviewer
11th Brazilian Congress of Motor Behavior
Invited speaker
2022 North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity conference (Event)
Psychology of Sport and Exercise (Journal)
Peer reviewer
European Physical Education Review (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly (Journal)
Peer reviewer

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Perceptions and practices of movement skills among primary school teachers in Scotland: Movement education for health and wellbeing
Bardid, Farid (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2024 - 30-Jan-2025

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Dr Farid Bardid

Email: farid.bardid@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 444 8050