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Dr Farid Bardid



Personal statement

I am a Lecturer in Health and Wellbeing at the University of Strathclyde. I am also an Honorary Research Fellow at Ghent University where I graduated with a master's degree in Physical Education and Movement Sciences, and a doctorate in Health Sciences.

The focus of my research is physical and motor development of children and adolescents through physical activity contexts such as physical education and sports. My work is situated under 3 broad themes: assessment and monitoring, individual and environmental factors, and intervention programmes. I adopted this comprehensive approach to further understand young people's development and to better promote an active and healthy lifestyle.


Dynamics between motor competence, cardiorespiratory fitness and weight status in children : a cross-lagged longitudinal analysis
Bardid Farid, Utesch Till, Lenoir Matthieu
Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology Vol 40, pp. S19-S19, (2018)
The relationship between motor competence and physical fitness from early childhood to early adulthood : a meta-analysis
Utesch Till, Bardid Farid, B├╝sch Dirk, Strauss Bernd
Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology Vol 40, pp. S19-S19, (2018)
A hitchhiker's guide to assessing young people's motor competence : deciding what method to use
Bardid Farid, Vannozzi Giuseppe, Logan Samuel W., Hardy Louise L., Barnett Lisa M.
J Sci Med Sport, (2018)
Redesigning physical education in Scotland
Kirk David, Bardid Farid, Lamb Cara, Millar John, Teraoka Eishin
Redesigning Physical EducationRedesigning Physical Education, (2018)
Gross motor delay
Goodway Jacqueline D., Brian Ali S., Bardid Farid, Taunton Sally
The SAGE encyclopedia of intellectual and developmental disordersThe SAGE encyclopedia of intellectual and developmental disorders, (2018)
Actual and perceived motor competence levels of Belgian and US preschool children
Brian Ali, Bardid Farid, Barnett Lisa M., Deconinck Frederik J.A., Lenoir Matthieu, Goodway Jacqueline D.
Journal of Motor Learning and Development, (2017)

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