Professor John Blackie

Emeritus Professor



Legal developments in relation to concurrent delay : the position of the English and Scottish courts
Hughes John, Agapiou Andrew, Blackie John
Proceedings of the CIB 2016 World Building Congress CIB World Building Congress 2016, pp. 592-603 (2016)
Corroboration in Scots law : "archaic rule” or “invaluable safeguard”?
Nicolson Donald, Blackie John
Edinburgh Law Review Vol 17, pp. 152-183 (2013)
The torts provisions of the study group on a European civil code
Blackie John, Bussani Mauro
European tort law: Eastern and Western perspectives (2006) (2006)
Personal bar
Blackie John, Reid Elspeth
SULI: Scottish Universities Law Institute SULI: Scottish Universities Law Institute (2006)
T B Smith as a legal historian
Blackie JWG, Reid E, Carey Miller DL
Mixed legal system in transition: T. B. Smith and the progress of scots law (2005) (2005)
Enrichment by the act of the party enriched
Blackie JWG, Farlam I, Zimmermann R, Reid K, Visser D
Mixed legal systems in comparative perspective: property and obligations in Scotland and South Africa (2005) (2005)

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