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Karen Boyle is Professor of Feminist Media Studies and Programme Director for the MSc in Applied Gender Studies.

Karen has an MA in Women's Studies (Applied) from the University of Bradford and conducted her PhD research on violence, gender and representation in mainstream cinema at the Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations Research Unit, also at Bradford. Her first academic post was as a Lecturer in Women's Studies at the University of Wolverhampton, after which she moved to the University of Glasgow where she was Senior Lecturer in Film & Television Studies. She joins Strathclyde from the University of Stirling, where she was Professor of Feminist Media Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for Gender & Feminist Studies.

Karen’s research has long focused on questions of violence, gender and representation and she has published widely in this area, including in the monograph Media & Violence: Gendering the Debate (Sage 2005) and as editor of Everyday Pornography (Routledge 2010). Her latest book - #MeToo, Weinstein and Feminist Theory - will be published by Palgrave in autumn 2019. She has additional research interests in film authorship, cinema audiences and gender and news. In 2018, she lead a Royal Society of Edinburgh-funded Workshop series on Tackling Gendered Inequalities in Scottish News. One of the outcomes of these Workshops was the foundation of Gender Equal Media Scotland (, an organisation bringing together academics, journalists and activists working towards gender equality in Scottish media.

At Strathclyde, Karen is Director of the postgraduate programmes in Applied Gender Studies and contributes to the core classes Understanding Gender; Feminist Knowledge, Feminist Research; and Feminisms – Continuity and Change. She also coordinates the Gender Studies Research Placement and has experience of working with a wide range of external organisations to support student research.

Karen is an experienced PhD supervisor and examiner and welcomes applications from new students working in the broad areas of feminist film, television and media studies; pornography and sexuality; gendered violence and representation; audience research and genre studies.

Ongoing supervisions in 2018-19 include: 
  • female cannibalism in film & literature 
  • archiving & historicising the feminist anti-violence movement 
  • rape discourse on social media 
  • beauty norms in anti-violence campaigns
  • queer female bodies in horror film
  • gendered election coverage
  • fandom, media and gender in Scottish football (with Scottish Football Association)
  • archivising and historicising the feminist anti-violence movement in Scotland (with Glasgow Women's Library)
She is also supervising practice-based PhDs using video essays to explore the female supporting role in Hollywood film;and using the novella form to explore men’s violence against women and changes over time.

She has supervised 9 PhDs to completion including: an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award project on Glasgow Film Festival audiences and year-round cinema-going (with Glasgow Film as non-academic partner; completed 2014); and projects on forensic crime drama; violence in Italian popular cinema; female atheleticism in cinema; sexual violence in teen television; queer relationships in teen film; masculinity and surveillance in the serial killer film; gender and the giallo; and adaptations of Snow White in film, television and comic books. 

Karen is an elected member of the Executive Committee of the Media, Communication & Cultural Studies Association, and a REF2021 sub-panel member (for sub-panel 34). Outside of academia, she is on the Board of Directors of the feminist anti-violence organisation the Women's Support Project.


#MeToo, Weinstein and Feminism
Boyle Karen
The sex of sexual violence
Boyle Karen
Handbook of Gender and Violence (2019) (2019)
#HimToo and the networking of misogyny in the age of #MeToo
Boyle Karen, Rathnayake Chamil
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What's in a name? Theorising the inter-relationships of gender and violence
Boyle Karen
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Television and/as testimony in the Jimmy Savile case
Boyle Karen
Critical Studies in Television Vol 13, pp. 387-404 (2018)
Hiding in plain sight : gender, sexism and press coverage of the Jimmy Savile case
Boyle Karen
Journalism Studies Vol 19, pp. 1562-1578 (2018)

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The Weinstein verdict is in: but the work continues
Invisible Women - A Review
PhD Examination: ‘It’s like wallpaper’: Victim Blaming and Sexual Violence in the Media.
University of Sunderland
Visiting researcher
Weinstein and the (cultural) value of abuse
Roundtable: After the scandals - What kind of feminist politics do we need now?

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Fandom, Media and Gender in Scotland's "National" Game
Boyle, Karen (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2021

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Journalism, Media and Communication
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