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Dr Kendra Briken

Strathclyde Chancellor'S Fellow

Human Resource Management

Personal statement

I joined the Department in June 2014 as Chancellor's Fellow. My research and teaching experience both focus on the study of changes in work and employment. I am interested in critically investigating the management of the Employment Relationship, new technologies at work, and the organisation of innovation. 


Has expertise in:

    My core expertise lies in the translation and facilitation of theory-led reserach results to different groups of stakeholders. Over the years, I planned and lead workshops on the subject areas mentioned below for people with all different background, varying from Chinese delegations to multinational Union representatives to local politicians and communities.

    • New technologies and the workplace
    • Skills and Gender
    • HRM and Public Sector Work in international comparison
    • Urban Security and Policing


Prizes and awards

Awarded Guest Lectureship

more prizes and awards


The New Digital Workplace : How New Technologies Revolutionise Work
Briken Kendra, Chillas Shiona, Krywdzinski Martin
Critical Perspectives on Work and Employment, (2017)
Actually existing capitalism : some digital delusions
Thompson Paul, Briken Kendra
The New Digital WorkplaceCritical Perspectives on Work and Employment, (2017)
Commodified pacification : police, commercial security and the state
Briken Kendra, Eick Volker
States of DisciplineTransforming Capitalism, (2017)
Pazifizierungsagenten : zu einem tätigkeitsprofil kommerzieller sicherheitsdienste
Briken Kendra, Eick Volker
Sicherheit und Kriminalprävention in urbanen RäumenSicherheit und Kriminalprävention in urbanen Räumen, (2016)
Kognitiver Kapitalismus : Wider eine fragwuerdige Diagnose
Thompson Paul, Briken Kendra
WestEnd. Neue Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung Vol 13, pp. 57-85, (2016)
Teachers unions in Germany : fragmented competitors
Nikolai Rita, Briken Kendra, Niemann Dennis
The Comparative Politics of EducationThe Comparative Politics of Education, (2015)

more publications


My teaching covers a broad range of HRM relevant subject areas. I am convinced that engaged teaching needs to be research-led. Our Department is an excellent place to follow this approach. It allows our students to learn the core theories and to apply them to the moist recent, cutting-edge, innovative case study material.


My core areas are:

  • Sociology of Work
  • Labour Process Theory
  • HRM and Public Sector
  • (International) Employee Relations
  • Surveillance Studies

Research interests

My reserach interests are in the broad area of changing work and employment structures. Over the last years, I did research the impact of the implementation of New Public Management on public servants in different nations and sectors (police, waste collection, energy). More recently, I started to investigate in the effects robotics-led workplaces will have on job quality. I am also interested in reseraching trade unions, particularly in terms of their representational and oragnisational capacities. My reserach relies on inter-disciplinary as well as international collaborations.

Professional activities

ILPC 2018

more professional activities


Work, Employment and Employment Law in Retail Fulfilment Centres - UK and India
Taylor, Philip (Principal Investigator) Briken, Kendra (Co-investigator) Busby, Nicole (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2016 - 31-Dec-2018
Employment, Work and Working Conditions in Retail Fulfilment Centres in the UK
Taylor, Philip (Principal Investigator) Briken, Kendra (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Jan-2015 - 31-Dec-2017

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