Dr Margaret Rose Cunningham

Senior Lecturer

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Personal statement

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology and Biomolecular Sciences (BMS) Programme Director

I am an elected Fellow of the British Pharmacological Society (BPS) and currently serve as Editor-in-Chief of Pharmacology Matters magazine (2017-2022) and Reviewing Editor for Pharmacology Research & Perspectives (PR&P) journal.  I am also a member of the BPS Engagement and Awards committees (since 2020). 

I am an elected member and current co-Chair of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland (YAS, 2018 cohort) and have previously held the role as Theme Lead for Health (2019-2021).  I am also Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow (since 2017).    

I serve as the coordinator of Outreach (Biomolecular Sciences) with Dr Zahra Rattray (Pharmacy) and I lead on the Career Progression working group on the SIPBS Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team SIPBS WIDE (2015-present). I was part of the SAT team leading to the Athena SWAN Bronze award in 2017 and the successful Silver award in 2021.            


Anti-Cancer Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity
Currie Susan, Cunningham Margaret Rose, Cross Michael, Maddock Helen Louise
Identifying the core concepts of pharmacology education : a global initiative
White Paul, Guilding Clare, Angelo Tom, Kelly John, Gorman Laurel, Tucker Steve, Fun Ashleigh, Han Jae, Chen Guanliang, Samak Yassmin, Babey Anna-Marie, Caetano Fabiana, Sarangi Sudhir, Keonig Jennifer, Hao Haiping, Goldfarb Joseph, Karpa Kelly, Vieira Luciene, Restini Carolina, Cunningham Margaret, Aronsson Patrik, Kelly-Laubscher Roisin, Hernandez Mark, Rangachari PK, Mifsud Janet, Mraiche Fatima, Sabra Ramzi, Piñeros Octavio, Zhen Xuechu, Kwanashie Helen, Exintaris Betty, Karunaratne Nilushi, Ishii Kuniaki
Authorea (2022)
Sustainable Impact by Design
Essex Jane, Wellisch Gaston, Galbraith Allison, Egea Alvarez Agusti, Cunningham Margaret Rose, Giovelli Noemi, Ivaturi Aruna, Li Rui, Maddock Christie, Somorin Tosin, Yue Hong, Hendry Pauline, Hendry Martyn, Essex Will, Caccavale Elio, Johnson Michael Pierre
Different responses of the blockade of the P2Y1 receptor with BPTU in human and porcine intestinal tissues and in cell cultures
Traserra Sara, Barber Claudia, MacInnes Jane, Relea Lucia, MacPherson Lewis C, Cunningham Margaret R, Vergara Patri, Accarino Anna, Kennedy Charles, Jimenez Marcel
Neurogastroenterology and Motility Vol 33 (2021)
A new model for regulation of sphingosine kinase 1 translocation to the plasma membrane in breast cancer cells
Brown Ryan DR, Veerman Ben EP, Oh Jeongah, Tate Rothwelle J, Torta Federico, Cunningham Margaret R, Adams David R, Pyne Susan, Pyne Nigel J
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2021)
On synthetic instrument response functions of time-correlated single-photon counting based fluorescence lifetime imaging analysis
Xiao Dong, Sapermsap Natakorn, Safar Mohammed, Cunningham Margaret Rose, Chen Yu, Li David Day-Uei
Frontiers in Physics Vol 9 (2021)

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I am the Biomolecular Sciences (BMS) Programme Director (2023-2027) and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) with a Postgraduate Diploma in Academic Practice.

I am a member of the International Union of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) Core Concepts in Pharmacology Research Team.  I serve as the external examiner for the Applied Medical Sciences (AMS) degree programme at Swansea University. 

I am class coordinator for BM434 and BM941 Clinical Pharmacology and lead on the BM327 Pharmacology laboratories, in addition to delivering across many of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses we offer.

Research interests

My field of expertise is G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR)-dependent regulation of cardiovascular function with particular interest in proteinase-activated receptors (PARs) and purinergic P2Y receptor families.  My research involves investigating the molecular mechanisms of GPCR, gap junction and damage-associated molecular pattern (DAMP) in the processes that underpin platelet function, cardiovascular inflammation and anti-cancer therapy-induced cardiotoxicity. 

 I currently co-lead the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases research group with Dr Susan Currie.  


Professional activities

Using storytelling to recount the untold narratives of breast cancer ​
Cardross Primary Outreach
Breaking Barriers
Recounting the Untold Stories of Breast Cancer: Narratives from the Patient, Clinician and Scientist Perspective
Engineering equity in STEM employment’
International Women's Week 2022 – Growing Up in Higher Education
Invited speaker

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Heart Damage Caused by Cancer and Anti-cancer Drugs (Vacation Scholarship)
Cunningham, Margaret Rose (Principal Investigator) Bauer, Ralf (Co-investigator) Currie, Susan (Co-investigator)
27-Jan-2022 - 19-Jan-2022
Engineering equity in STEM employment
Essex, Jane (Principal Investigator) Hendry, Martyn (Principal Investigator) Cunningham, Margaret Rose (Principal Investigator) Ivaturi, Aruna (Principal Investigator) Wang, Yirui (Principal Investigator) McQuilken, Natasha (Principal Investigator)
The project considered how to enhance the sustainability and resilience of the STEM workforce in the twenty-first century. The opportunity to engage in meaningful work enhances individual health and well-being, as well as enhancing social cohesion and economic prosperity. Specifically, the project considered how technical expertise in industry and academia can be shared with people who are hugely under-represented in the STEM workforce despite their evident capabilities and interest in STEM. The scheme builds upon a highly successful STEM for sustainability summer school that ran last summer and will involve researchers who attended last year, along with others who expressed an interest in joining the project, plus pupils from South Ayrshire schools who have ASN. In addition, the scheme involved regional STEM employers, giving them a chance to develop their understanding of the capacities of diverse young people and their potential to contribute positively to their organisations.
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
Recounting the Untold Stories of Breast Cancer: Narratives from the Patient, Clinician and Scientist Perspective
Rattray, Zahra (Principal Investigator) Rattray, Nicholas (Co-investigator) Cunningham, Margaret Rose (Co-investigator) Chalmers, Susan (Co-investigator) MCFADDEN, Yvonne (Co-investigator)
£5700 awarded to develop a series of storytelling events
14-Jan-2022 - 13-Jan-2023
SPRINT: A SuPer-Resolution time-resolved ImagiNg and specTroscopy facility for rapid biomolecular analysis
Li, David (Principal Investigator) Chamberlain, Luke (Co-investigator) Chen, Yu (Co-investigator) Cunningham, Margaret Rose (Co-investigator) Gould, Gwyn (Co-investigator) Hoskisson, Paul (Co-investigator) McConnell, Gail (Co-investigator) Rattray, Zahra (Co-investigator) Van de Linde, Sebastian (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2023
Molecular mechanisms of HMGB1 release from platelets and its implication in vessel wall damage preceding thrombosis (Research Re-Boot - COVID-19 Impact)
Cunningham, Margaret Rose (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2021
Sustainable impact by design: a pilot study of effective STEM dissemination for hard-to-reach audiences
Gonzalez-Longo, Cristina (Co-investigator) Essex, Jane (Principal Investigator) Hendry, Martyn (Co-investigator) Cunningham, Margaret Rose (Co-investigator) Giovelli, Noemi (Post Grad Student) Ivaturi, Aruna (Co-investigator) Li, Rui (Co-investigator) Maddock, Christie (Co-investigator) Somorin, Tosin (Co-investigator) Yue, Hong (Co-investigator) Egea Alvarez, Agusti (Co-investigator)
STEM Equals + RKES funded project
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2023

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