Dr Debasish Das

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Mathematics and Statistics


A three-dimensional small-deformation theory for electrohydrodynamics of dielectric drops
Das Debasish, Saintillan David
Journal of Fluid Mechanics Vol 914 (2021)
Cilia density and flow velocity affect alignment of motile cilia from brain cells
Pellicciotta Nicola, Das Debasish, Kotar Jurij, Faucourt Marion, Spassky Nathalie, Lauga Eric, Cicuta Pietro
Journal of Experimental Biology Vol 223, pp. jeb229310 (2020)
Transition to bound states for bacteria swimming near surfaces
Das Debasish, Lauga Eric
Physical Review E Vol 100 (2019)
Active particles powered by Quincke rotation in a bulk fluid
Das Debasish, Lauga Eric
Physical Review Letters Vol 122 (2019)
Self-organization of swimmers drives long-range fluid transport in bacterial colonies
Xu Haoran, Dauparas Justas, Das Debasish, Lauga Eric, Wu Yilin
Nature Communications Vol 10 (2019)
Swimming of peritrichous bacteria is enabled by an elastohydrodynamic instability
Riley Emily E, Das Debasish, Lauga Eric
Scientific Reports Vol 8 (2018)

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Mathematics and Statistics
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