Dr Chris Deeming

Chancellor'S Fellow And Senior Lecturer

Social Policy

Personal statement

Chancellor's Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at Strathclyde University

Reviews Editor for the Journal of Social Policy published by Cambridge University Press

National Expert Advisory Board member for the Journal of Sociology published by Sage

Previously Christopher has worked at the University of London, UK, the Univeristy of New South Wales, Australia, the University of Bristol, UK and has held recent visiting fellowships at Macquarie University, Australia, and the University of Santiago, Chile

Christopher holds a PhD in Social and Public Policy from the University of Bristol, supervised by Peter Townsend


The politics of (fractured) solidarity : a cross-national analysis of the class bases of the Welfare State
Deeming Christopher
Social Policy and Administration Vol 52, pp. 1106-1125 (2018)
Coming together in a rightward direction : post-1980s changing attitudes to the British welfare state
Deeming Christopher, Johnston Ron
Quality and Quantity Vol 52, pp. 395–413 (2018)
Reframing Global Social Policy : Social Investment for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth
Deeming Christopher, Smyth Paul
The lost and the new 'liberal world' of welfare capitalism : a critical assessment of Gøsta Esping-Andersen's the three worlds of welfare capitalism a quarter century later
Deeming Christopher
Social Policy and Society Vol 16, pp. 405-422 (2017)
Use and misuse of evaluation in social policy
Deeming Christopher
Handbook of Social Policy Evaluation (2017) (2017)
Defining minimum income (and living) standards in Europe : methodological issues and policy debates
Deeming Christopher
Social Policy and Society Vol 16, pp. 33-48 (2017)

more publications


L5216 The Making of Social Policy, 2nd Year

L5327 Understanding Comparative Social Policy, 3rd Year

L5418 Global Social Policy and Global Challenges, 4th Year

Quantitative & Qualitative Methods

Research interests

Research interests in the field of Comparative and Global Social Policy, topics include welfare regimes, social investment, inclusive growth, sustainability, global poverty and inequality, living standards, health and well-being, social attitudes and the evaluation of social programmes.