Dr Terry Dyer

Research Fellow


Personal statement

Recent developments in atomic magnetometry offer the possibility of portable devices capable of sub-pT magnetic field detection. Target markets include medical imaging, geological surveying, security and inertial sensing. Micro-fabricated alkali vapour cells are a key enabler of this technology. My research focuses on the design, fabrication and test of these cells.


Subpicotesla scalar atomic magnetometer with a microfabricated cell
Zhang Rui, Dyer Terry, Brockie Nathan, Parsa Roozbeh, Mhaskar Rahul
Journal of Applied Physics Vol 126 (2019)
Concave cavity for integrated microfabricated sensor
Gabrys Ann, Brockie Nathan, Dyer Terry, Parsa Roozbeh, French William
Microfabricated atomic clocks and magnetometers utilizing side recesses
Parsa Roozbeh, Mirgorodski Iouri, French William, Brockie Nathan, Gabrys Ann, Dyer Terry
Free-induction-decay magnetometer based on a microfabricated Cs vapor cell
Hunter D, Piccolomo S, Pritchard J D, Brockie N L, Dyer T E, Riis E
Physical Review Applied (2018)
Temperature Gradient in Microfabricated Sensor Cavity
Parsa Roozbeh, Mirgorodski Iouri N, French William, Brockie Nathan, Gabrys Ann, Dyer Terry
Sensor Fluid Reservoirs for Microfabricated Sensor Cells
Parsa Roozbeh, Brockie Nathan, Dyer Terry, French William, Mirgorodski Iouri N

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