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Digital interventions for STI and HIV partner notification : a scoping review
Woodward Charlotte, Bloch Sonja, McInnes-Dean Amelia, Lloyd Karen C, McLeod Julie, Saunders John, Flowers Paul, Estcourt Claudia S, Gibbs Jo
Sexually Transmitted Infections Vol 100, pp. 242-250 (2024)
Fragmentation in One Health policy and practice responses to antimicrobial resistance and the salutary value of collaborative humility
Davis Mark David Mc Gregor, Schermuly Allegra Clare, Rajkhowa Arjun, Flowers Paul, Hardefeldt Laura, Thursky Karin
Social Theory and Health (2024)
Risk individualisation and moral injury in the treatment of infection as impediments to the tackling of antimicrobial resistance
Davis MDM, Schermuly A, Rajkhowa A, Hardefeldt L, Thursky K, Flowers P
Health, Risk and Society, pp. 1-18 (2024)
Improving sexual health through partner notification : the LUSTRUM mixed-methods research Programme including RCT of accelerated partner therapy
Estcourt Claudia S, Mapp Fiona, Woode Owusu Melvina, Low Nicola, Flowers Paul, Copas Andrew, Roberts Tracy E, Mercer Catherine H, Saunders John, Nandwani Rak, Althaus Christian L, Stirrup Oliver, Symonds Merle, Howarth Alison R, Johnson Anne M, Okeke Ogwulu Chidubem, Pothoulaki Maria, Vojt Gabriele, Wayal Sonali, Brice Susie, Comer-Schwartz Alex, Tostevin Anna, Williams Eleanor, Lasoye Sarah, McQueen Jean, Abdali Zainab, Cassell Jackie A
Programme Grants for Applied Research Vol 12, pp. ix-55 (2024)
Improving digital partner notification for sexually transmitted infections and HIV through a systematic review and application of the Behaviour Change Wheel approach
Kocur Will, McLeod Julie, Bloch Sonja Charlotte Margot, MacDonald Jennifer J, Woodward Charlotte, McInnes-Dean Amelia, Gibbs Jo J, Saunders John J, Blandford Ann A, Estcourt Claudia, Flowers Paul
Sexual Health Vol 21 (2024)
Social marketing and mass media interventions to increase sexually transmissible infections (STIs) testing among young people : social marketing and visual design component analysis
Riddell Julie, Cleary Anne, Dean Judith A, Flowers Paul, Heard Emma, Inch Zeb, Mutch Allyson, Fitzgerald Lisa, McDaid Lisa
BMC Public Health Vol 24 (2024)

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LUSTRUM 2: co-production of digital health interventions to increase sex partner testing within contact tracing for sexually transmitted infections”
Flowers, Paul (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 30-Jan-2024
An evidence-based and theoretically informed national social marketing campaign to reduce HIV stigma and increase access to testing and treatment.
Donnachie, Craig (Principal Investigator) Flowers, Paul (Co-investigator)
20-Jan-2023 - 19-Jan-2024
Shaping care home COVID- testing policy: A pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of asymptomatic testing compared to standard care in care home staff (VIVALDI-CT)
Flowers, Paul (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2024
Improving care for people with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in a digital NHS
Flowers, Paul (Principal Investigator)
02-Jan-2020 - 30-Jan-2025
Evaluating the Population Impact of Hepatitis C Direct Acting Antivral Treatment as Prevention for People Who Inject Drugs (EPIToPe)
Flowers, Paul (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2023
Strathclyde COVID-19 Research Portfolio: Novel testing, digital health support and third sector collaboration for impact on social care
Bedford, Tim (Principal Investigator) Corrigan, Damion (Co-investigator) Dunlop, Mark (Co-investigator) Egan, Kieren (Co-investigator) Fleming, Leanne (Co-investigator) Flowers, Paul (Co-investigator) Grealy, Madeleine (Co-investigator) Hoskisson, Paul (Co-investigator) Hunter, Iain (Co-investigator) Janssen, Xanne (Co-investigator) Kirk, Alison (Co-investigator) Knifton, Lee (Co-investigator) Lenhart, Otto (Co-investigator) Maguire, Roma (Co-investigator) Morton, Alec (Co-investigator) Quinn, Neil (Co-investigator) Scott, Fraser (Co-investigator) Suckling, Colin (Co-investigator) Ward, Andrew (Co-investigator) Williams, Lynn (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 16-Jan-2021

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Professor Paul Flowers

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