Dr Anastasios Hadjisolomou


Work, Employment and Organisation

Personal statement

I teach and research in several areas of HRM and employment relations. I am particularly interested in service employment, service triangle, customer (mis)behaviour, industrial conflict and front-line management. 


Has expertise in:

    • Service Work
    • Line managers and HRM
    • Indiustrial conflict/Organizatonal misbehaviour
    • Attendance at work
    • Customer abuse



PhD in Human Resource Management – University of Strathclyde

MA in Human Resource Management - Newcastle University

MSc in Management -  Nottingham Business School

Ptychion in Accounting and Finance  -  Athens University of Economics and Business


Proffesional qualifications:

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Member of the British Universities Industrial Relations Association



Doing and negotiating transgender on the front line : customer abuse, transphobia, and stigma in the food retail sector
Hadjisolomou Anastasios
Work, Employment and Society Vol 35, pp. 979-988 (2021)
Too scared to go sick : precarious academic work and 'presenteeism culture' in the UK higher education during the Covid-19 pandemic
Hadjisolomou Anastasios
Work, Employment and Society (2021)
Social washing and customer misbehaviour in the hospitality sector : a problem that remains unreported
Hadjisolomou Tasos, Baum Tom, Nickson Dennis, Booyens Irma
29th Annual Council for Hospitality Management (2021)
Profit over people? Evaluating morality on the front line during the COVID-19 crisis : a front line service manager's confession and regrets
Hadjisolomou Anastasios, Simone Sam
Work, Employment and Society (2020)
Front-line service managers' misbehaviour and disengagement : the elephant in the store?
Hadjisolomou Anastasios
Employee Relations Vol 41, pp. 1015-1032 (2019)
'The way he looks' : Bears, wolfs and cubs Sexualized aesthetic labour in the gay tourism industry. An empirical analysis
Hadjisolomou Anastasios, Nickson Dennis
International Labour Process Conference (2019)

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My areas of teaching expertise cover employee relations and HRM generally, but with specific specialism in employment studies, industrial conflict, line management and HRM, sociology of work

Research interests



Areas of research interest include:

Service work: The political, economic, and social structures and dynamics within the employment relationship. My interests focus on employment and the labour process in service organizations such retailing and hospitality.

Service Triangle: Particular interest of the role of the customer and the impact on the labour process and the organization of (service) work. I am interested in debates related to customer misbehaviour and abuse by customer.

Organizational Misbehaviour: Interest on Control-resistance debates with the wider business structures of contemporary capitalist economies. General interest on labour process theory, the manifestation of industrial conflict and debates on organizational misbehaviour

Customer abuse and sexual harassment in the service industry: I am particularly interested in the embedded problem of customer abuse, violence, and sexual harassment in the service industry, with particular interest in the gay tourism and gay hospitality industry, which remains an underexplored, and underdeveloped theme in research

Line managers and managerial labour process: I am interested in the organization of the managerial work and the managerial labour process, with particular interest on the organization of the front-line service management work and the role of line managers in HRM

Attendance at work and absence management: I am interested in debates related to absence management and workplace attendance across different sectors and contexts.

Professional activities

Virus shines light on sick pay
We Need to Reconsider How We Behave When Shops Reopen', Retail Expert Says
Abuse of shopworkers is on the rise – coronavirus brought it to our attention and now we need to act
For safety’s sake, listen to unions
Returning workers need protection
Food retail workers deserve more respect

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Confronting customer abuse and harassment during the Covid-19 crisis? Evidence from Scotland’s hospitality industry
Hadjisolomou, Tasos (Principal Investigator) Baum, Thomas (Co-investigator) Booyens, Irma (Co-investigator) Nickson, Dennis (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
The organization of work and customer interaction away from the store: A labour process analysis of the online food retail sector
Hadjisolomou, Tasos (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 15-Jan-2020

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Work, Employment and Organisation
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