Dr Matthew Hannon

Senior Lecturer

Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship

Personal statement

Matthew works as Director of Research and Senior Lecturer at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, within the University of Strathclyde’s Business School. His research examines the policy and market conditions necessary to accelerate low-carbon energy technology and business model innovation. He is a co-investigator on UKRI’s £10m EnergyREV consortium on smart, locally led energy systems, and the UK Energy Research Centre’s Community Energy Finance project.

Matthew has published ‘Financial Times 50’ ranked journal papers, written a book on accelerating low-carbon innovation, as well as commentary for national newspapers (e.g. i news) and reports for the World Energy Council. His work has received international prizes, been referenced in Parliamentary reports and covered by mainstream media (e.g. BBC, Forbes).

He holds a number of external positions too including:

Prior to joining Strathclyde he worked at Imperial College’s Centre for Environmental Policy (2012-2016) examining the effectiveness of energy innovation policies both in the UK and overseas (e.g. China, Finland). He completed his PhD at the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI) at the University of Leeds (2009-2012), examining the role that business model innovation plays in driving a low-carbon energy transition.


  • Co-Investigator for the UKRI £8m Energy Revolution Research Consortium to support a smart, locally led energy system. Co-I for work packages on: (1) business and finance; and (2) policy and regulation (commenced Dec 2018). Primary Investigator for 4 month project examining Smart local energy systems for a ‘just transition'.
  • Co-Investigator for the UKRI Strength in Places HotScot project to develop plans to tap into the geothermal energy contained within disused, flooded coal mines in Scotland. Lead on business models and finance (seed funding stage).
  • Co-Investigator on UK Energy Research Centre funded Community Energy Finance project (2017-2019). Lead on community energy case studies work package.
  • Co-Investigator for the Centre for Energy Systems Integration funded project on Interdisciplinary research for energy systems integration: understanding and promoting good practice (commenced Jan 2019)
  • Co-Investigator on Political hyping of new energy technologies project to explore how parliamentary processes fuel or deflate expectations surrounging low-carbon technology innovations. We focus in particular on tipping-points between political support or opposition to new technologies.

PhD supervision:

  • Josh Oxby - Jobs, innovation and the net-zero energy transition: employment opportunities for Scotland and their equitable distribution
  • Kirsten Brown - Low-carbon heat for low-income communities: Locally owned business models to capture mine water geothermal heat for Scotland’s ex-mining communities (ETP Industrial Doctorate, co-funded by Scottish Enterprise).
  • Horacio Gonzalez - Scaling up Scotland’s emerging low-carbon energy industry.
  • Rui Hu - The Chinese innovation system for wind energy: structure, functions and performance (completed 2017).

Selected publications:


The long term future for community energy in Great Britain : a co-created vision of a thriving sector and steps towards realising it
Braunholtz-Speight Tim, McLachlan Carly, Mander Sarah, Hannon Matthew, Hardy Jeff, Cairns Iain, Sharmina Maria, Manderson Edward
Energy Research and Social Science Vol 78 (2021)
Characterising a local energy business sector in the United Kingdom : participants, revenue sources, and estimates of localism and smartness
Fuentes González Fabián, Webb Janette, Sharmina Maria, Hannon Matthew, Pappas Dimitrios, Tingey Margaret
Energy Vol 223 (2021)
Election Podcast #7 : a focus on climate change with special guest Dr Matt Hannon [Podcast] EP50
Spowage Mairi, Hannon Matthew
Energy innovation and the sustainability transition
Hannon Matthew, Bolton Ronan
Handbook of Energy Economics and Policy (2021) (2021)
Fast breeder reactor technology and the entrepreneurial state in the UK
MacKenzie Niall, Knox Stephen, Hannon Matthew
Business History (2020)
Financing Community Energy Case Studies : Edinburgh Community Solar Cooperative
Cairns Iain, Hannon Matthew, Braunholtz-Speight Tim, McLachlan Carly, Mander Sarah, Manderson Edward, Sharmina Maria, Hardy Jeff

More publications


Impact Acceleration Account: Community energy at a crossroads: Co-developing a path forward for South Seeds and the UK community energy sector. (£12,564)
Hannon, Matthew (Principal Investigator)
30-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
`Whole Person - Whole Place? energy solutions for net-zero neighbourhoods (UKERC Flexi Fund)
Hannon, Matthew (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
Smart local energy systems for a ‘just transition’ (EnergyRev Flex Fund - £29,000)
Hannon, Matthew (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2021
Local Zero podcast (EnergyREV Flex Fund - £24,000)
Hannon, Matthew (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 01-Jan-2022
Low-carbon heat for low-income communities: Locally owned business models to capture minewater geothermal heat for Scotland's ex-mining communities (ETP Energy Industry Doctorate Programme 2019)
Hannon, Matthew (Principal Investigator)
19-Jan-2020 - 18-Jan-2023
Interdisciplinary research for energy systems integration: understanding and prompting good practice (CESI Flex fund)
Hannon, Matthew (Principal Investigator) Low, Ragne (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 29-Jan-2020

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