Professor Lars Helge Hass

Accounting and Finance


Does venture capital backing improve disclosure controls and procedures? Evidence from management's post-IPO disclosures
Cumming Douglas, Hass Lars Helge, Myers Linda A, Tarsalewska Monika
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Accounting comparability and corporate innovative efficiency
Chircop Justin, Collins Daniel W, Hass Lars Helge, Nguyen Nhat (Nate) Q
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Foreign experience and CEO compensation
Conyon Martin J, Hass Lars Helge, Vergauwe SkrÄlan, Zhang Zhifang
Journal of Corporate Finance Vol 57, pp. 102-121 (2019)
Strategic distortions in analyst forecasts in the presence of short-term institutional investors
Bilinski Pawel Tomasz, Cumming Douglas, Hass Lars Helge, Stathopoulos Konstantinos, Walker Martin
Accounting and Business Research Vol 49, pp. 305-341 (2019)
Venture capital and financial reporting in newly public firms
Hass Lars Helge, Tarsalewska Monika
The Oxford Handbook of IPOs (2019) (2019)
Do compensation consultants drive up CEO pay? Evidence from UK public firms
Conyon Martin J, Hass Lars Helge, Peck Simon I, Sadler Graham V, Zhang Zhifang
British Journal of Management Vol 30, pp. 10-29 (2019)

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