Dr Vassilis Inglezakis


Chemical and Process Engineering


Personal statement

I joined Strathclyde University, Department of Chemical & Process Engineering in 2020, I am currently chair of the Laboratories Operations Committee and acted as Director of Research from 2021 to 2023. My area of research is in the broader area of Environmental Chemical Engineering, I have published 2 books with Elsevier and more than 135 Journal papers (h-index = 42, > 5700 citations ). I have been PI/Co-PI in 16 research projects with a total budget of >£3M and participated in 44 other research and consultancy projects. My experience as consultant engineer is rich and in international level, including two appointments as Pre-Accession Advisor, coordinating the candidate countries' alignment with the EU environmental legislation (2004-2007). I have been project proposals evaluator for the European Commission, EPSRC (UK), UEFISCDI (Romania), RSF (Russia), NCST (Kazakhstan) and HFRI (Greece).

At the Chemical Engineering Department of Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan (2013-2020) I founded the Environmental Science & Technology GroupThe Environment and Recourse Efficiency Cluster and served as Scientific Supervisor of the Analytical Chemistry Core Facility and Chair of the Biosafety & Chemical Safety Committee of the University. I led the development of 19 teaching and research labs and in 2016 I received an award from the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan for distinguished contribution to the country’s education system. I also led the development of the Unit of Environmental Science and Technology research lab, Chemical Engineering Department, National Technical University of Athens (2002-2003).

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I received a Diploma (1996) and PhD (2002) in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. I hold eight training certificates on Aspen Plus issued by Aspentech (2015-2023) and a professional development certificate on effective teaching issued by the UK Higher Education Academy (2016).  I was appointed as an Honorary Associate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering (2017) and Research Affiliate of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2017).

From 2002 to 2013 I worked as a researcher in academia and consultant engineer in the private sector participating in more than 40 projects in a number of countries. I was appointed as Pre-Accession Advisor at the Ministry of Environment of Slovakia (2004-2005) and Romania (2006-2007) for the preparations of the countries for the EU membership. I have been Director of the SC European Focus Consulting SRL and SC Zeus Works SRL (Romania), working on the preparation and management of projects funded by the European Commission.

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Adsorptive removal of anthracene from water by biochar derived amphiphilic carbon dots decorated with chitosan
Hashemzadeh Farzad, Khoshmardan Maede Esmaeili, Sanaei Daryoush, Ghalhari Mohammad Rezvani, Sharifan Hamidreza, Inglezakis Vassilis J, Arcibar-Orozco Javier A, Shaikh Wasim Akram, Khan Eakalak, Biswas Jayanta Kumar
Chemosphere Vol 352 (2024)
Mars in situ resource utilization (ISRU) with focus on atmospheric processing for near term application : a historical review and appraisal
Rapp Donald, Inglezakis Vassilis J
Applied Sciences Vol 14 (2024)
Membrane bioreactor and advanced oxidation processes for combined treatment of synthetic wastewater containing naproxen, bisphenol A, and sulfamethoxazole
Kanafin Yerkanat N, Satayeva Aliya, Abdirova Perizat, Inglezakis Vassilis J, Arkhangelsky Elizabeth, Poulopoulos Stavros G
Journal of Water Process Engineering Vol 55 (2023)
Metaverse and circular economy
Papamichael Iliana, Pappas Georgios, Siegel Joshua E, Inglezakis Vassilis J, Demetriou Giorgos, Zorpas Antonis A, Hadjisavvas Constantinos
Waste Management and Research Vol 41, pp. 1393-1398 (2023)
Chemical engineering beyond Earth : astrochemical engineering in the Space Age
Inglezakis Vassilis J, Rapp Donald, Razis Panos, Zorpas Antonis A
Sustainability Vol 15 (2023)
Process analysis and comparative assessment of advanced thermochemical pathways for e-kerosene production
Atsonios Konstantinos, Li Jun, Inglezakis Vassilis J
Energy Vol 278 (2023)

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My teaching experience includes Process Design & Simulation, Separation Processes, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Engineering Economics and Safety Engineering & Risk Management. 

I had been adviser to the Americal Institure of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Students Chapter at Nazarbayev University. The Chapter received the award of the Outstanding Chapter for three consequtive years from the AIChE (2016-2018).

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Research Interests

My area of research is in the broader area of Environmental Chemical Engineering, covering water/wastewater treatment, porous materials and nanocomposites, valorisation of CO2 for the production of fuels (simulation), adsorption process (including modelling)  soil pollution and waste management. Currently I am focusing on porous nanocomposites applications in catalytic and non-catalytic reactions, vulnerability of city water systems and applications of chemical engineering in extraterrestrial environments with particular interest on Mars (simulation). 

I am listed in the "World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists in 2022" Stanford University database. I am in the top 0.78% (0.24% for the year 2022) of all scientists considered and in the field of Chemical Engineering in the top 0.44% (0.18% for the year 2022).


Copper-Based Co-Catalysts for Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction into Fuels and Chemicals
Neagu, Dragos (Principal Investigator) Inglezakis, Vasileios (Co-investigator) Mulheran, Paul (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2024

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Dr Vassilis Inglezakis
Chemical and Process Engineering

Email: vasileios.inglezakis@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 548 2372