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Truncated S-MGBs : towards a parasite-specific and low aggregation chemotype
Brooke Daniel P, McGee Leah M C, Giordani Federica, Cross Jasmine M, Khalaf Abedawn I, Irving Craig, Gillingwater Kirsten, Shaw Craig D, Carter Katharine C, Barrett Michael P, Suckling Colin J, Scott Fraser J
RSC Medicinal Chemistry Vol 12, pp. 1391-1401 (2021)
Octadecyl chain-bearing PEGylated poly(propyleneimine)-based dendrimersomes : physicochemical studies, redox-responsiveness, DNA condensation, cytotoxicity and gene delivery to cancer cells
Laskar Partha, Somani Sukrut, Mullin Margaret, Tate Rothwelle, Warzecha Monika, Bowering Deborah, Keating Patricia, Irving Craig, Leung Hing Y, Dufès Christine
Biomaterials Science Vol 9, pp. 1431-1448 (2021)
Anti-tumor activity of intravenously administered plumbagin entrapped in targeted nanoparticles
Sakpakdeejaroen Intouch, Somani Sukrut, Laskar Partha, Irving Craig, Mullin Margaret, Dufes Christine
Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology Vol 16, pp. 85-100 (2020)
Camptothecin-based dendrimersomes for gene delivery and redox-responsive drug delivery to cancer cells
Laskar Partha, Somani Sukrut, Campbell Sara Jane, Mullin Margaret, Keating Patricia, Tate Rothwelle J, Irving Craig, Leung Hing Y, Dufès Christine
Nanoscale Vol 11, pp. 20058-20071 (2019)
PEGylation of polypropylenimine dendrimers : effects on cytotoxicity, DNA condensation, gene delivery and expression in cancer cells
Somani Sukrut, Laskar Partha, Altwaijry Najla, Kewcharoenvong Paphitchaya, Irving Craig, Robb Gillian, Pickard Benjamin S, Dufès Christine
Scientific Reports Vol 8 (2018)
Chemoselective oxidation of aryl organoboron systems enabled by boronic acid-selective phase transfer
Molloy John J, Clohessy Thomas Aidan, Irving Craig, Anderson Niall A, Lloyd-Jones Guy C, Watson Allan J B
Chemical Science (2016)

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